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beleza 01-08-2014 1:23 PM

For all those with old school san 210 hulls...
I've got a 2000 san. How does this sound for weight configuration…

400 pound v-drive sacs in each rear locker (plumbed with ballast puppies)

600 pound fat seat bottom sac in ski locker (plumbed with ballast puppy)

400 pound v-drive sac in bow (manual fill)

That's 1800 pounds before people. I know a lot of people throw 750's in the rear but I don't think it's necessary for me since I like my nautique wakes a bit more mellow. Just wanted to check with everyone that's running an old school 210 to make sure that I will have enough bow weight with the 400 sac up there. I've also got a 750 lb sac but I figured I would just pull that out when I wanted to surf.

Should I go with the 750 up front or will the 400 be enough?

I can't wait till summer...

jonblarc7 01-08-2014 1:48 PM

That will be enough up front.

In my old super sport I ran it this way

I think they where skylon 280 in the back

580 lunch pad cooler bag in the ski lock (you know the old one that had the cup holder and tray in the top of the bag.)

500 of the triangle open bow bag under the playpen area. It could only fill to 500 of the 1000 the bag was capable of.

I think to many people get caught up with stuffing 750's in the back and the 210 hull doesn't need it unless your going to surf it.

Dmac420sj 01-08-2014 1:58 PM

Got any wake pics

jonblarc7 01-08-2014 2:04 PM

I'll try to find some when I get home.

wakedaveup 01-08-2014 2:08 PM

Depending on crew, the boat naturally lists to the starboard side (helm). I usually only have a driver pulling me so I run a 750 in the port side locker and a 400 in the starboard side. I run 600lbs in the locker and 1000lbs (triangle sac) in the bow. Bow sac is not always filled to capacity. This usually gives me a nice clean wake and with the extra weight in the bow it's takes the agressive lip off the wake and allows slightly more ramp on the transitions. If you run back end heavy, you'll be hitting a wall of water and it's fun for pop, not so fun on the knees when landing.

wakedaveup 01-08-2014 2:11 PM

I forgot I also have 200lbs of lead in the boat laying in the cockpit to move when needed. Always good to have a little lead to even things out.

iShredSAN 01-08-2014 2:21 PM

What he ^ said. Nose heavy makes a nice wake with these hulls. I would try the 750 in the bow if I were you, its all personal preference though.

I have a 99 SAN and I run 400 in each rear locker, 650 in the ski locker and a 750-1000 (depending on crew size) up front.

jbach 01-08-2014 2:26 PM

why not just throw 750s in the rear. if surfing, it's almost a must. i have a fat seat in the ski locker and just a couple hundred lbs of lead in the nose. anymore than that and i regularly take water over the bow with a couple people up front on rough days.

01-08-2014 2:56 PM

I'd recommend a 750 up front. We have two 210s in our crew, both are run with more rear weight then you're looking at using, but, I've got the open bow triangle in mine and my friend runs a 750 in addition to an integrated bow sac. We don't really fill them all the way up, but darn close. You can always fill up a 750 with less water, with a 400 you're stuck.

beleza 01-08-2014 2:57 PM

I wakeboard pretty much 95% of the time. I only surf when I have people on the boat that don't know how to do anything else…

running 750's would mean having to run around 1000 pounds up front. Which means a crap ton of weight. Great for some people that like to ride at 24-25 mph on an 80' rope. As for me, I like to ride 21.5-22 mph riding about 70' out. Plenty for my bag of tricks.

beleza 01-08-2014 3:00 PM

Yeah I will probably just use the 750 for now. I came across a good deal on a single 400 lb v-drive sac so that's the only reason I thought about throwing the 400 up front and saving the 750 for surfing. Maybe I will just pass on the 400 lb sac and stick with the 750 up front

beleza 01-08-2014 3:01 PM

Maybe I will just buy the 400 lb sac… just because. ha never hurts to have extra sacs around

wakedaveup 01-08-2014 4:28 PM

with everything you've said man I think you'll be just fine with 400's and they come as a package so you'll save a little money. At that speed you can't run 750's in the rear lockers and fill them up, even with proper bow weight. More than likely the wake will be washy (unless my PP is reading wrong, I ride 25-26 with close to 3k). With 400's at 21-23mph you should be good. I do agree it's always nice to have the option and just dont fill them up like said above. Don't put out the surf wave on the old 210, it can get very nice.

FunkyBunch 01-08-2014 4:38 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here is what one of my crew runs in his 210

150 lbs lead under rear 750's
300 center ski locker
300 in the walk through
400 in the bow
250 lead under bow seats.
If you remove the 300 in the walkway the boat cleans up at the same speed but has a much more vertical face to the wake.
We ride at 23-23.5 70-75
not the best pics but you get the idea

beleza 01-08-2014 5:57 PM

First of all… sick wake.

I already have 400 lb v-drive sacs for the rear and the seat bottom sac installed. I also already have a 750 lb sac for the front. Basically I'm just trying to find a reason to buy another 400 lb fat sac, mostly because it's a good deal.

I think I will be fine with the 400 up front. The ski locker goes pretty far towards the front of the boat so that will add some front weight as well. If I feel like I need more up front then I will throw the 750 up there and use the 400 sack whenever we want to add random weight.

FunkyBunch 01-08-2014 6:41 PM


Originally Posted by beleza (Post 1858662)

I think I will be fine with the 400 up front. The ski locker goes pretty far towards the front of the boat so that will add some front weight as well. If I feel like I need more up front then I will throw the 750 up there and use the 400 sack whenever we want to add random weight.

You should be fine with the 400 up front. Since you have the 750 you can use that as well when you want to add a little extra to it. If you put it in the walk way it will give you wake more transition. IMHO the wake is pretty tune able even when you add weight. You just have to balance it front to rear based on the shape you like and how many people are in the boat. We shift weight forward as we add people. If you go to heavy in the front we have noticed it gets more finicky left and right.

brichter14 01-08-2014 7:13 PM

Ive got 750s in rear lockers, 680 in ski locker and 500 worth of sand/lead/ batteries under the bow seats.

We only fill the 750s to max for surfing. 500 in each is pretty gravy for boarding.

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