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norwalkbeast 01-07-2014 1:10 PM

Heat Molding Bindings
I got the Hyperlite Process boot and I was doing some reading. Some people say you can use a hair dryer and others say that it can damage them. What is the best way to do it and how long do you need them to heat up and how long to cool on your foot?

MIKEnNC 01-07-2014 1:21 PM

just microwave them for 3 minutes, immediately put two ice cubes in each and put your foot in for ten minutes to allow to form.................... jk man, wish I could see your face as u read that, honestly call the guys at overtons Raleigh store as I know they don't have the correct tool to do it so I believe they recommend hair dryer for the hyperlite and ronix foot bed molding. but for sure ask them or better yet call hyperlite themselves, any time ive called they have been super helpful

boardjnky4 01-07-2014 1:41 PM

I used a hair dryer. If your bathtub gets pretty hot, you can soak them in hot water in there then lace them up. You can even put them in the oven for a few minutes.

The BEST way is with the proper oven to bake them in. Most ski and snowboard shops probably have the ability to do that.

norwalkbeast 01-07-2014 1:47 PM

Thanks for the help! That microwave comment made me laugh! Lol

williamburell 01-09-2014 1:25 PM

Tom is right. I did mine with a hairdryer and worked fine. A hot tub works great if you have access. If not you can crank up your hot water heater and use the tub.

brithunsicker 01-24-2014 12:46 PM

I ride the Hyperlite system bindings and was wondering the same thing. I called Hyperlite directly and they recommend the bath tub idea. They also mentioned a hair dryer, but for me not having a hair dryer, I went for the bath tub idea. Went in the bathroom and cranked the tub on hot and let her fill up. Few minutes later I went in there and hopped in feet first, came out just about as fast as I went in. Moral of the story, make sure your bath water is not scolding before you go hop in. Good luck with your boots.

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