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SS_Hooke102 01-03-2014 12:51 PM

So I have a super solid scarecrow and am just wondering if I just throw the scarecrow harder (rotate faster) and rip the handle to my back? Looking for tips as this will be my first mobe and am not too stoked on taking heel diggers trying to get this bad boy around.:rolleyes:

wakedaveup 01-03-2014 12:59 PM

I'm not a coach, but tucking up through the rotation will always help you spin faster. The more you open up your body on a rotation, the slower you rotate. The more tucked, the faster. I also like to come off the wake keeping my chest a little bit further forward over my board than I typically would on a scarecrow. When landing blind remember to stick the handle in the small of your back and look towards the shore line. DO NOT LOOK BACK AT THE BOAT haha

SS_Hooke102 01-03-2014 1:35 PM

Yeah, I would see how looking at the boat could be a rough day... lol, thanks man! I appreciate the advice.

wakedaveup 01-03-2014 1:49 PM

No problem Bryce good luck man I hope you stick it! One last tip, don't try and rotate too fast off the wake, make sure you get that good pop and then start your rotation. Throw 3-4 back to back scarecrows and just get them as big as possible and floaty, when you feel confident after that, send it!

DeanSmith 01-04-2014 3:55 AM

Try this... Stand up longer with your chest up through the wake than on a regular crow (this is how you get height and pop on crowmobes).Then think about gluing your elbows onto your hips through the flip (keeps your handle close for the landing and makes you more compact). A trick that has worked for me (and not necessarily others) is to bring your knees to your knuckles on the handle. And always remember, you can drop the last 180 in later than you think!

Good luck

wakedaveup 01-04-2014 5:13 AM

Very cool for Dean to get on here and help ^^^ even helped me thanks man

SecretSquirrel 01-04-2014 6:37 AM

Dean Smith gets good guy cred. That's pretty cool of you man.

sidekicknicholas 01-04-2014 1:15 PM

For me what helped go from Crow to Crowmobe was:

For any trick landing blind (if you're not use to it) I suggest doing a bunch of switch inside-out backside 180s. This gets you muscle memory for the end of the trick, do this a handful of times before you start throwing the trick. Also if I know I'm doing a trick I'll be landing blind on I try and make a line from the "V" of the wake to the shore, when landing I try and spot that point behind me to stop my rotation... bring your head all the way around to looking towards the board again keeps you spinning.

Stand up very tall off the top of the wake, use a short progressive edge to make sure you go straight up and down. Keep the handle tight to your front hip.

Pop off the top of the wake and initiate the trick almost the same, take the handle with both hands on it and pull hard to your back hip.

As you come around and are 3/4 of the way release one hand and put the handle at the small of your back, turn your head and shoulders to finish the rotation and try and spot something on the shore behind you to keep from rotating.

SS_Hooke102 01-04-2014 8:43 PM

Thanks a ton guys! I will definitely give it a shot, it may be time to bust out the dry suit. poopy winter here in WA anyway.

SS_Hooke102 01-04-2014 8:45 PM

PS. Really hope to see a web clip or video part soon Dean, you are one of my favorite riders to watch.

buffalow 01-06-2014 8:04 AM

Focus on wake to wake scarecrows with straight vertical pop. With that similar cut do a bunch of bs 180's. Than put it together.

sunsport 01-06-2014 4:04 PM

It took me about 3 years to learn this trick. Kyle Schmidt gave me the tip that got me to ride away with the handle in hand. He told me to learn a 1 handed approach TS front roll and upon landing it go to the cuff position. Once I finally learned this move, it was 3 days later when I stuck my first Crow Mobe. I think there were two parts of the 1 handed TS front roll that helped: 1.) getting enough rotation to land on the TS edge and be twisted enough to ride out of it and 2.) learning to do the flip with minimal line tension which kept be from getting pulled out the back when going for the handle.

Right before I stuck this one I had landed a 1 handed approach TS Front:


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