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Zteven 01-02-2014 2:58 PM

Amplifier Advice
Iím looking to get a pair of amps to run two pairs of cabin speakers and a 12Ē sub. Iíve found this amp for $150 (http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PU...eries/GM-D8604) and I think I may be a good fit based on the limitations of my set up and my typical usage.

I run one deep cycle battery for the stereo system. Based on the efficiency of this amp Iím thinking this may meet my needs (high output, low power draw [relatively speaking]). I understand that the sound quality may not be as good as a class A/B amp, but Iím thinking this is a non-factor in an open-air environment on the boat.

Any feedback on this amp for how I intend to use it?

If I change my system around in the future (IE run four pairs of cabin speakers off one amp and two subs off the other) will I have any issues?

Iíve provided more info below to get some better feedback.

Zteven 01-02-2014 3:14 PM

Right now I have two pairs of Kicker 6.5Ē cabin speakers and one 10Ē sub powered by two Phoenix Gold Amps (Octane-R 5.0.4 & Octane-R 4.0.2) as well as a pair of Exile SXT65s on the tower powered by a Hertz HE4 amp.

I plan on upgrading the Kickers to Polk and adding two more pairs around the cabin.

I have room to mount four amps so I intend to keep the tower speakers on the HE4, keep the better PG amp installed (Octane-R 5.0.4), and run two new amps.

I only want to run two batteries (one for starting and one for stereo) to conserve space for gear behind the passenger seat as well as keep costs low.

Charging set up:
95amp Alternator
2 batteries isolated from each other: Starter for engine and Deep Cycle for stereo, ballast, lights, etc
Deep Cycle is 115 amp hours, 205-minute reserve capacity

Typical usage:
Wakeboard for an hour or two to start the day
Party cove for two or three hours (we hang out in the boat so the stereo volume is low enough that we can converse over the music)
Wakesurf for a few hours

During wakeboarding and wakesurfing the stereo volume is basically maxed out based on the limitations of the current speakers / amp combo. I hook up a charger to top-up the batteries once a week, otherwise the boat is not near a power source.

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