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Bakes 12-26-2013 4:29 AM

Blue mesa reservoir -- anybody been there?
Anyone ride at blue mesa reservoir? It's on my hitlist for next summer. Trying to find good water in Colorado is proving tough.

cjh1669 12-26-2013 8:01 AM

It's a cold cold lake. It's large, but never warms up much. Finding good water in colorado isn't all that hard, where all are you looking?

Bakes 12-26-2013 9:50 AM

I'm in Colorado Springs. Chatfield can support about 2-3 boats but has about 30 on it per day. Pueblo was ok for a couple hrs in the morning but we ended up riding through the trees at the far end of the lake to get any good water. I liked Lake Granby a lot but it is also cold and at a bit of an altitude (8300 feet or so) so the kids are slow to warm up and I needed to re-prop in order to keep my hole shot.

Only other semi close lake that I know of is 11 mile. I will try that but my guess is that it is windy.

Any other ideas by the springs?

cjh1669 12-26-2013 10:15 AM

Since you're in colorado Springs there are some unknown gems east of pueblo that you could hit like adobe creek or John martin. Chatfield is about to be 50% larger by 2015, still crowded though and 30 boats would be a very very low estimate per day, I'd say 300 is more like it on a normal weekend day. Up north you have the Wy lakes that are good. We ride on standley, great water, low number of people, absurd quarantine rules. there is also empire, which is a private lake north east of Denver. Great early season riding, but dries up by July most years.

racer808 12-26-2013 10:31 AM

Blue Mesa was low last summer, hopefully it refills, it is on our to do list this summer. Both Adobe & John Martin where empty last summer, again on our to do list if they have water this year.

Chat sucks unless you go out on a weekday. I don't think they the enlarge project even begins till 2015, they are still in the public protest stages. Not much by the springs that I know if. Green Mountain Reservoir in the mountains is supposed to be good when it has water.

Bakes 12-26-2013 10:32 AM

Thanks for the tips. John Martin and the other lakes in the area are definitely on my short list.

NoNceNse 01-23-2014 3:42 PM

Believe it or not, Prospect lake at memorial park is pretty nice to ride on. You have to get a membership but I think it's worth it. If you want glass with a short drive, Prospect is your best bet.

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DenverRider 01-23-2014 4:19 PM

Permit and private lakes are unfortunately the only way to go in CO. Most of our water is owned by other states like Kansas which is why we have so many lakes that don't allow any boating or swimming. I'm in the Denver burbs so I permit on Sloan's Lake (small and shallow with a 22' limit). If you haven't checked out the Wyoming lakes you should definitely do so. Guernsey is a blast. I haven't been to Glendoe yet but I hear it's pretty good as well. Otherwise, get to know someone with a house on Aloha Beach in the area of 63rd and Federal north of Denver. Only home owners are allowed on the small lakes that are always glass with a single boat rotation and almost none of the home owners actually put a boat on the lake. Best riding I've done since I moved here from MN.

bbnight3 02-04-2014 12:15 PM

What's the water temperature on Blue Mesa in the middle of the summer? I've driven past it several times and thought it might be nice to do a long weekend or week there in the middle of summer.

How many boats are on Sloans lake at one time?

Jaime - have you ever wakesurfed on Prospect Lake? Is it deep enough?

NoNceNse 02-07-2014 1:24 PM

This summer will be the first year that I try and wakesurf so I'm not exactly sure what is all needed for it. Last summer it was 17ft deep in the middle and 5ft on the outside. Way better wakeboarding than Pueblo though.

cassidyb 02-07-2014 11:39 PM

Blue Mesa is freaking freezing, I dont know exact temps but I do know "freezing" is entirely accurate. check out navajo reservoir. we've gone the last two years and have an awesome time, big lake (30 miles long).super quiet. The whole lake is natural shore line with no improved campsites or facilities, we just load the boat up at the marina on the colorado side and head out for a week, theres tons of pretty sweet places to camp depending how far you want to drive to get gas. it was very low last year but still very boat-able.

Bakes 02-08-2014 12:33 PM

Thanks for the info. Definitely have a few lakes to try out. All 200-300 miles away though. As much as I hated Lousiana, I did love the endless, all day, warm butter of the Red River. Prospect will likely be a midweek dawn patrol thing.

crosenhahn 02-13-2014 8:45 AM

We ride prospect alot...pretty good water but gets a bit busy occasionally - more than 3 boats on it and it can get rough. You can wakesurf on prospect but you have to stay in the middle and towards the north side... But don't wakesurf when other people are trying to wakeboard, one boat wakesurfing will ruin the whole lake...its not very big.

Blue Mesa may get to almost 60.

John Martin is a fun lake, but the winds can ruin a weekend fast.

Navajo is awesome later in the summer, lake Trinidad is good and Glendo in Wyoming is awesome in late summer.

Hope to see you out there, we are in a blue/white A22 come say hi.

bbnight3 02-14-2014 3:06 PM

Hey Chris - we've been riding prospect for a while, but I just bought a new to me boat that I'm anxious to try out. We'll be trying wakesurfing for this first time this summer (when others aren't riding since the lake is so small). I've not paid much attention to the few I've seen wakesurfing there - so i have a question. How do you surf for any length of time on the lake? Do you just make abrupt turns to turn around and the surfer can manage to stay in the sweet spot? Do you go in a continuous wide circle toward the north side?

If you see a white/black Sanger V215, feel free to come say hi as well.

NoNceNse 02-18-2014 12:10 PM

For boarding, just do tight 180s on each side.

This will be my first year with a wakeboard boat, so it will also be my first time trying to go "wireless". For a good wake does water depth matter? If so, it gets a little shallow at the very southern tip.

I forgot to add that Prospect is about $120 a year for the membership.

I'll be in a white and grey Supra.

crosenhahn 02-19-2014 11:49 AM

Hey Michael,
There is enough room to do a gradual turn on both ends of the lake... but like Jaime said the South/East end of the lake gets really shallow (over by the playground).

Pumped to see a Sanger out this way, not very many of them. I really love the look of the boats!

bbnight3 02-19-2014 11:57 AM

Yeah I remember falling on a wakeboard over on that side and accidentally standing up. We're a little more careful over there now.

Nope, not too many Sangers out here. I drove to California and back to get this one. Long weekend...

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