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Jmorlan 12-24-2013 12:09 PM

Boat trailer wheel and tire packages- 18's vs 20's? What are y'all runnin!
This winter I've decided to get rid if those slackish stock wheels on my boat trailer, and throw on either the gear 726's or XD hoss, which are on my truck.
I want to go with 20's, but I see quite a few with 18's. Would it be wiser to roll with 18's?

Post up what you folks have and any suggestions!

rallyart 12-24-2013 3:34 PM

More sidewall height is a nice thing on a trailer as it is more likely to bang a curb than your car tire. Just make sure the tires and wheels can handle the load of your boat, trailer, and gear.

Jmorlan 12-24-2013 5:54 PM

The boat is a v215.
I was thinking a 255/55 r18 tire size if I went with the 18s.

nitrousbird 12-24-2013 8:17 PM

I just upgraded my trailer from 14" wheels to 18" (bought the wheels pdxWAKE on here was selling that he had on his Supra trailer). In my opinion, the 18" wheels are the best diameter for a trailer...I wanted the wheels I bought before they were ever for sale and only wanted 18's. 17's look a bit too small and 20"+ just look off.

Also, a 255/55/18 would be too tall of a tire. Mine has what Boatmate and other brands are running from the factory: Nexen N3000 in a 245/45/18. These specific tires in this specific size have a much higher load rating than most other tires around their size (1929 instead of the 1400-1600 seen in most other tires). In the end it is overkill as my boat/trailer combo is right around 5000 on a dual axle trailer, so even a 1400 rating would be enough. But these are passenger tires on a trailer, so no harm in a margin of safety.

These tires end up being almost 1" taller than the 205/75/14 tires that are being replaced. Everything fits fine except I have to replace the fenders; very minor rubbing on the back side I can easily fix but the tires are too wide and I have teardrop fenders so it would look very odd rolling them. 10.75" fenders are NOT cheap, so don't forget to factor that into the cost. Here is a single shot of mine mounted with the old fenders as I haven't got new ones yet since she is parked in the garage for the winter.


Here is a comparison shot:

DatTexasBoy 12-25-2013 4:53 AM

Fenders are around $275 a piece I think.

Jmorlan 12-25-2013 9:08 AM

Alright. So 18s it is.
Where are you guys buying them? What's the best price place to pick a package set up?

h20king 12-25-2013 12:10 PM

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I went with a 16" rim and tire it was the biggest size I could go and still get a true trailer tire.

Jmorlan 12-25-2013 1:10 PM

Thanks for the pics and info fellas!
I found another thread on here, some folks are running 225 45 18 and aren't having rubbing issues with stock fenders.
I'd really like to avoid replacing fenders if possible

cowwboy 12-26-2013 6:17 AM

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I got a smoking deal on a set of 20's and put new tires on them. My fenders were moved up slightly to clear them. But my trailer is mostly bolted together aluminum so its easy to work on.

jonblarc7 12-27-2013 7:59 AM

What was the other thread you found. I've been want to add rims to my trailer but I don't want to replace the fenders.

Jmorlan 12-27-2013 8:20 AM

I found quite a few, and it seems to be that the folks with the dipped fenders between the wheels have more trouble, my fenders are just straight like the Malibu pictured just above.

Tried to pull the trigger on some gear 726's today, only to find out they are on back order until feb! So next I tried the moto 962..backordered as well! Waiting to hear back on the fuel maverick's

Here's that link http://www.wakeworld.com/forum/showthread.php?t=779754

jonblarc7 12-28-2013 6:10 AM

Gear alloy must be having some major problems. I was trying to order the 726mb for my duramax in a 20x10 and their on back order too.

nitrousbird 12-28-2013 6:34 AM

I would highly suggest checking out the load rating of those narrower tires before pulling the trigger. These passenger tires at narrower widths tend to have a much lower load rating (which makes sense, since they were designed to fit under smaller cars).

Remember that load rating (combined) needs to be more than the boat/trailer/gear. Also, a number of boat manufacturers underrate their boat weights so your boat may/may not be heavier than you think.

Jmorlan 02-09-2014 7:28 AM

Bumping this back up top for some folks, if there are any, to show off their trailers with the moto metal 962's on them in 18's.
I'm sick of waiting for gear alloy 726 to become available.
They are currently in a lawsuit and all models of the rim have been held to the shelf and cannot be sold.
It is some kind of design lawsuit, I'm guessing with moto metal, since gear basically straight copied the 962.

So if you've got em, throw em up!
I've found a set of 18x9 962 in black for $740 shipped, lowest so far. If anyone has them don't be shy to share a better deal!

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downfortheride 02-09-2014 8:45 AM

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Some crazy setup's at the UT Boat show! www.marine-products.com have some crazy good looking Supra's and tricked out trailers...
Attachment 34062
Attachment 34061

ixfe 02-09-2014 9:16 AM

I ordered my VLX last year with 18" chrome XD Badlands on the Nexxen tires referred to above. I'd seen them on MC's blinged trailers and always loved the look...

I didn't originally get a matching spare so I ended up buying one from Discount Tire. It was $400. So that gives you an idea of how much an entire set would cost.



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Jmorlan 02-09-2014 9:54 AM

Not sure how I feel about these wheels, but they came up on google images when looking at moto metal 962 images.
So I looked them up, they are pretty inexpensive.


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Jmorlan 02-11-2014 2:32 PM

Well, just got off the phone with Rimzone. Pulled the trigger on a set of moto metal 962 18's in black.

Now I need to find some tires. I found a set of fuzion tires on tirerack for $90/ea with a combined load rating over. 7k lbs. well over what I'll need for my v215.
Any other budget friendly recommendations?

tyler97217 02-12-2014 7:06 AM

Nexxen N3000 tires is what boatmate is putting on their 18" wheels from the factory. I have had several sets and never a blowout or an issue. They are affordable also.

timmyb 02-12-2014 7:59 AM

I have 20's on my Illusion trailer and there are some pro's and con's to having 20's. First, they look awesome IMO, next they handle amazing and the trailer really tracks well with them. I've pulled a couple of trailers with 18's and there is a noticeable difference. I believe it is because of the tire width(275's on the 20's). There is also the fact that you don't have to worry about trailer blowout's as much. 18"/20" tires are speed rated for well over 100 mph so if you live in a 75mph zone like I do, no worries about that speed being too much for the tires.

Cons - the boat sits up quite a bit higher so it's not as easy to load items onto the boat when it's on the trailer. My main issue with the 20's is that I did belong to a lake that has a very shallow grade and because of those 20's, the water would be at the door sill by the time I could actually get the boat off of the trailer. Then loading it was rough on the bunks because I could only go so deep with the truck. I went through 3 sets of trailer bunks in 3 years after I joined the lake due to the shallow loading. If I had 14's or 15's, it wouldn't have been an issue.

Jmorlan 02-12-2014 9:29 PM


There's the link to those tires. Load rating is 1764lb per tire.

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MICAH_HARPER 02-13-2014 2:49 PM

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18"s on mine and love them. They look as good as 20" but are a little cheaper as far as tires go

MIKEnNC 02-13-2014 3:50 PM

Micah that is a very nice looking MB. I like it a lot. That and a purple n blk one I saw recently are my favorite two I've seen.

Jmorlan 02-13-2014 7:27 PM

Nexen n3000 245/45/18 also rated at 1764lb

Those fuzion UHP have the same speed and load rating but are about 50-60 dollars cheaper per tire.

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MICAH_HARPER 02-14-2014 4:48 AM


Originally Posted by MIKEnNC (Post 1864840)
Micah that is a very nice looking MB. I like it a lot. That and a purple n blk one I saw recently are my favorite two I've seen.


Jmorlan 02-25-2014 12:20 PM

Thought I'd update this, you guys convinced me. I got the nexens.
Even though all things being equal on a few less expensive tires. I started doing the math and these are proven.
Cheapest I found was onlinetires.com at $101.90/ea

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