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bass10after 12-21-2013 12:25 PM

new calabria pics?
a while back someone mentioned seeing pictures of a new calabria thats supposed to come out. With other models starting to show up from different manufacturers i'm wondering if theres any pictures or information on this one? anyone know when we'll see it?

polarbill 12-21-2013 12:53 PM

There is someone in Canada(I think) posting ads on craigslist talking about factory direct pricing on new Calabria's. The pictures they show are just the same ProV they have always had though.

I always like the looks, interior space, quality and price of the Calabria ProV and PRoV2. I think if they made some small changes to those 2 boats they could be a very viable option for people. The 2 biggest things they need to change are the depth(both freeboard and interior depth) and they need to go to a snap out carpet style interior.

clubjoe 12-21-2013 8:08 PM


Denver Craiglist post on a 2014 Demo boat? That's what it says, anyway... I like the tower! I wonder if it would be an issue to install on my 05.......

polarbill 12-21-2013 8:16 PM

IS that the 21.5' ProV or the 19.5' ProV-2? Either way it is just the same boat they have always made with different graphics and an illusion tower. For the right price it would be a solid boat. I am not sure almost 60k is a great price for a boat that hasn't changed since 2001.

brichter14 12-22-2013 6:58 AM

At least it doesnt have flames. Or is that sanger? Idk those west coast boats

bstroop 12-22-2013 12:47 PM

It's a Pro V II. You can tell by the layout of the interior. The Pro V seats are sectioned off and have three pieces on the left and two on the right. The Pro V II combined the rear sections into one piece on each side.

58k for a 2014 (almost new) Pro V isn't bad IMO when you see 5-7 year old top 3 boats going for the same price. (overpriced for a pro v II). I know it's not really apples to apples comparing the Calabria to the top 3, but it's a brand new boat and a proven design. I do have an older one with 600 trouble free hours on it. Don't really care for the new tower but I'm probably wearing my owner goggles.

LOL I do have the tribal flames on mine. Gonna look into a small wrap this summer just to cover them up.

downfortheride 12-26-2013 10:03 PM

Back in the day we weighted a Pro V and it was quite awesome! Almost bought a boat show model but turned away for another couple of years and ordered our current boat. I can't say I would have anything bad to say except they needed a LOT more Pure Vert ballast under the floor board. HUGE interior, great to drive, and storage for days when no bags were full. Interesting to see if they make a push back into the market of price point boats...

polarbill 12-27-2013 5:39 PM

The worst part about Calabria's are that they fooled everybody into thinking the ProV was a 23' boat and the ProV2 a 21 foot boat.

bass10after 12-27-2013 11:56 PM


Originally Posted by polarbill (Post 1857151)
The worst part about Calabria's are that they fooled everybody into thinking the ProV was a 23' boat and the ProV2 a 21 foot boat.

I agree. I had a guy act I was a complete fool because I said it was a 21' not a 23'. Ive met a few owners that said they were 23' not 21 too. You're the biggest idiot in the world until the ol tape measure comes out.

bstroop 12-28-2013 8:52 AM

The only idiots should be the owners who bought them. Every add that I've seen clearly states "including swim platform".

Except for the people privately selling who neglect to pass that on.

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