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will5150 12-20-2013 8:07 PM

Need Stereo Advice - for a Porsche!
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Ok, I know this isn't a Porsche thread- but I can't seem to any better resources for the BEST stereo equipment! so Please- i need assistance on 5-6" front speakers with 1.5-2" tweeters in separate pods, and 4X6 rears along with a GREAT amp ( I mean GREAT amp this is top end stuff) annd the best head unit- It has a JVC in it now, with Rockford Fosgate fronts, and ADS rears- thanks for the help- here's the car...

magic 12-21-2013 7:43 AM

I did Hybrid Audio 2 years back in a car http://hybrid-audio.com/products/ Super super super happy with their sound quality in a hard to fit car. With that install I had a lot of tuning included. Installation and set up is gonna make the biggest difference. You need to find a shop that knows how to set up your car first, then worry about products.

will5150 12-21-2013 7:17 PM

That's probably right on- i will look at the shops that know Porsche and set-up, then look to gear.

calexan 02-04-2014 2:04 PM

Just popping in to add the standard.... "The Stereo is in the back end of the car" comment. Your welcome ha.

I have a 07 Turbo and My stereo isnt much better than the one I had in my 79 930 Turbo. Porsche has always been lacking in the audio dept.

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