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chilidog 12-20-2013 2:54 PM

3 blade to 4 blade prop conversion, can it be done?
I have a sanger V215 with the stock prop, which for the 1,000lbs of lead I always run does OK. A friend has a Malibu 23'Lsv that seems to launch out of the hole even with full MLS and the wedge down with the stock prop which is a 4 blade. His top end seems to match mine with decent cruising right around 28-32 mph

Another friend runs the Acme 911 prop on his V215 that works well with his 2K in lead and H20 he runs but he did lose some on the top end and his regular pulling rpm are about 400 higher than mine. This is a bit more aggressive than I need as I will most likely never add more weight than what I have, I am old and beat up enough not to try anything new!

So the question is can I get a 4 blade prop on my boat to step up my performance without changing pitch as much as the 911 would? Obviously clearance is a factor and would the shaft strength be setup more for a 4 blade? Just curious since its winter and I'm bored.


spencerwm 12-20-2013 3:24 PM

The short answer is, not worth it. There is no magic bullet when you are running a 1:1 gear ratio. Your friend with the Malibu has a 1.5:1 gear reduction. What prop are you currently running, the Acme 515 or 525?

I would suggest looking at the Acme 653. Still a 3 blade with a 13" diameter which will fit on your boat but has a 11.5" pitch and a very aggressive .060" cup.

It will be more aggressive than a 525 but less than a 911.

boardjnky4 12-20-2013 6:47 PM

As mentioned already, there are less aggressive props that will probably suit you well.

rallyart 12-21-2013 2:04 PM

Four blade props have an advantage in higher pitches. On a 1:1 transmission it won't be of much benefit to go from three large blades to four smaller blades. On higher pitches there is more room to put on a larger blade on a four blade prop.. When you are looking at 10-12" pitch its best to stick with a three blade.

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