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aiggy33 12-20-2013 12:35 PM

Minnesota Wakesurf Event Update: MNWSC & 10K Lakes Open
Fellow Shredders-

I am proud to announce that we recently were granted the permits to hold a wakesurfing event on Lake Minnetonka, regarded as one of the biggest and baddest lakes around, next summer - July 18 and 19. This event will be called the Minnesota Wakesurf Championship or the MNWSC.

We also helped create and run the 10,000 Lakes Wakesurf Open right down the road. BOTH events will happen next summer. Each event will have a different vibe -- You all are familiar with the 10K Lakes Open - prize money, calm water, lots of outlaw and pro-level talent. The MNWSC will be a cross between Bro Stock and the 10K Lakes Open. There will be tons of boats out on the water watching, a festival going on the same weekend on the beach (with thousands of soon to be wakesurf fans), fireworks, food, beverages, etc. Riders are not guaranteed calm water and probably will hear some oo's and ahh's from the people out on boats. It will be more of a "throw down" and beach party atmosphere. A SurfGate equipped Malibu will pull the riders and Minnesota Inboard is the Title Sponsor.

For sponsorship info: minnesotawsc@gmail.com

Check out our Facebook: www.facebook.com/MNWSC
Instagrm: @MNWSC
Twitter: @MNWSC

Thanks! Wiggy



Pad1Tai 12-20-2013 3:44 PM

Got any boards for sale this winter?.... haha!!

phathom 12-24-2013 4:56 PM

That actually sounds like a pretty nice time. Congrats and good luck with the event.

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