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JaxKiter 12-19-2013 7:19 PM

99 Super Air Nautique
Hello all,

Longtime kiteboarder but since moving to Florida I just don't get on the water as much as I'd like to be able to. Looking for a boat to help out with the situation. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this SAN? Particularly on the condition and price. I'm new to wake boats so I appreciate the input.


wakebordr11 12-19-2013 7:32 PM

That boat has been for sale for a long time. I'd be cautious...

JaxKiter 12-19-2013 7:34 PM

Anybody have any recommendations on a good find/entry level boat? Not looking to spend more than 14k or so. Thanks

beleza 12-19-2013 8:04 PM

Yeah if that boat hasn't sold yet for that price there must be some issues. It will be tough to find a SAN for 14k that doesn't need some fixing up. Any older Super Air/Super Sport are becoming more and more difficult to find because owners don't want to let them go and if they do then they ask top dollar. You might be able to find a late 90's Sanger V210 for around that price. Not sure how many sangers are out your way but they are good boats.

echo 12-20-2013 5:32 AM

So, this is my boat and it gets bashed on here pretty good because of the low price and location. Due to previous owner neglect, its not a cream puff, but I've put a lot of sweat equity in it to keep it clean. I put 50 trouble free hours on it last year. Yes, I use it in brackish water (part of the reason for a prolonged sale), but it has a closed cooling system, flushed after each use and always stored covered.

Another reason it hasn't sold is because I've been a little hesitant to let it go. I'm considering leaving my job and helping my wife run her business. I figure I should sell my boat if I do. I have some Winter maintenance in progress and will have the boat looking great for a Spring sale. I figure $14k for a SAN, running well, with up to date maintenance and less than 750 hours is a great deal. I have two props, sacs, Jabsco pumps, clean Bimini, new cover and a ton of extras.

I've even replaced some of the vinyl, not original but better than what was there:


Wake Pictures


I'm not in a hurry to sell and will probably keep it posted until the right buyer comes along.

Title in hand.

wakesk8er2 12-20-2013 5:35 AM


rexlex01 12-20-2013 7:36 AM

How about 5k (current auction price )for a 2010 project boat?) http://www.copart.com/c2/individualL...Type=onSaleNow

burban89 12-20-2013 7:48 AM

I am not bashing or anything but from talking to the seller this year there are alot more pronlems with it than mentioned and i was still willing to buy it. We talked for 2 weeks and then he canceled on the day before I was to make the drive to get it.

It is probably a great project boat but it needs work. I found my 95 for a few grand more and needed no work at all.

echo 12-20-2013 8:06 AM

You guys are making it easy to keep this boat. Headed up North for vacation for two weeks, but can't wait to get back on the water when I get back. One last note, the best thing about this boat is the simplicity, analog gauges and an awesome drive line (GT-40, PCM 1:1, Walters V Drive.) Plus, pound for pound it throws a great wake. We had a niceSummer in the boat, because of it, my sons first words were fatsac and wakeboard.

Raymond, I have fixed quite a few things since we spoke and for the benefit of the doubt, I was trying to be overly critical in any potential issues because you were coming from SC .Also, I saw your Nautique and it looks great. Congratz.

echo 12-20-2013 8:18 AM

Bottom line, come take it out for a test drive. I don't think anyone would be disappointed.

TC_Mastercraf_X5 12-20-2013 9:51 AM

You would probably want to throw perfect pass in this as well. This will impact your post purchase cost around 1-1.5k. Just food for thought when doing your calculations if this boat will meet your budget/requirements. If you plan to have your gf drive or put alot of fat sacs in this its a must!

tampawake 12-20-2013 11:24 AM

As long as it was not in salt or brackish water thats not a bad deal at all. You definitely are going to want Perfect Pass.

JaxKiter 12-20-2013 11:49 PM

Also, anyone have any good recommendations on a good budget boat? Just general advice? I've ready good things about the late 80's ski nautique 2001?

Looking under the 15k mark. Thanks for all the info?

wakedaveup 12-21-2013 6:54 AM

2001 is a great inexpensive boat for wakeboarding, but you'd honestly be happier in a super sport or 210. Unless you only have 2 or 3 in your riding crew. The super sport just gives you so much more room with the V drive.

JaxKiter 12-21-2013 5:04 PM


What do you all think about this one? Home for the holidays and saw it.

brichter14 12-21-2013 6:58 PM

Vinyl looks shot and it is on a galvanized trailer. Plus it is a dd.

If you are gonna spend 13k on a dd just find a nice sport nautique or mc 205.

Try to find a super sport from 95-99 and you will really enjoy having the vdrive

polarbill 12-21-2013 7:52 PM

really budget boat

another 2001

sport nautique




another old supra



JaxKiter 12-21-2013 9:07 PM

So you don't think11k would be a good deal on that boat?

wakebordr11 12-22-2013 5:08 PM


Originally Posted by JaxKiter (Post 1856636)
So you don't think11k would be a good deal on that boat?

11k on the sport air - No. 11k on the superair in this thread - yes, but I don't think he will take that.

joeshmoe 12-22-2013 5:32 PM

Jason, doesn't sound like James wants to sell anyway, I would make sure you get a boat you can surf behind and I doubt you can surf behind that boat! I had a 99 Malibu Response that had a wedge on it and I was able to surf behind it(tons of fun!) and some of those boats were selling around 12k, you should be able to find a good boat for a decent price from a motivated seller.

burban89 12-31-2013 11:33 AM

I know you may really want a boat right now but saving a little longer and getting the boat you really want is the way to go. I bought a 2001 and it took me 6 years to get the boat I wanted after that. It was a great boat and perfect for wakeboarding. I sacrificed room and storage in order to get a boat right then.
Deals are out there, just have to have patience and look.

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