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alindquist 12-19-2013 4:21 AM

Switch/Breaker Labels & Bezels
so last year I powder-coated my dash panels & put in new gauges, I reused the old switches & breakers. I'm looking for a way to dress up the switches & breakers. I saw these at CP Performance but they only come in 6 packs. I have 8 switches & 9 breakers. I was told I would I would have to buy 2 packs at $50 a set. Anybody know where I can buy this stuff by the piece or anybody that will do a custom set? Looking for stainless bezels to match the gauges.
Switches: http://www.cpperformance.com/p-15775...ot-system.aspx
Breakers: http://www.cpperformance.com/p-15776...ot-system.aspx

I also need to somehow figure out how to label the switches. I haven't found anybody that can do vinyl stickers small enough and I don't really want to send the panels out to have them engraved. I'm not sold on doing a wrap on it either. What other options do I have?

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