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Jmorlan 12-16-2013 8:53 PM

Boat insurance policies. Anyone have em? What are you paying? What are your coverages
Had a dream last night that my boat sank, now I'm looking into insurance coverages LOL.

Probably a good idea to have one anyway, they seem fairly inexpensive.

Looking to see what everyone is paying per year and what your coverages look like.

I got a quote today from 21st century who I have my auto policies with.
$300/year with included coverages -
Uninsured boater at 40k
Property damage to other boaters at 60k
Total out value if boat is sunk/totaled at 38k (appraised value given by ins company)
Comp/collision deductibles at $500
Towing coverage, storage coverage, roadside coverage
Theft of electronics, any property in the boat that is not part of the boat at 10k
Policy also covers sunk/submerged collisions, example a rock, log, anything else lurking below water surface.
Coverage also throughout the year for storage. Including theft of items, water damage, hail damage, if a tree falls etc. I also found it interesting they include "habitation of animals" like mice or whatever may chew wires and whatnot.

I figured that's a pretty good deal for $300/yr. basically anything and everything covered with only a $500 deductible. So worst case scenario I'd only be out $500 at any time regarding basically any incident.

So what do others have, what is the average going rate, and would you recommend higher coverages to other property? I know 60k isn't much with the cost of new boats exceeding 100k+ these days

dezul 12-17-2013 4:49 AM

Get a quote from skisafe.com. See if they are comparable. From my experience, they are hard to beat on their quotes.

JustinMD 12-17-2013 5:46 AM

$50 a month covering $45000 boat/trailer replacement with $15000 covering stereo and hydrofoils.

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