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steve_jones 12-16-2013 1:51 PM

2 ERC Cable Systems for Sale
We are selling our two (2) Endless Ride Cable Systems (ERC 2-Tower) for $27,500 each. We built our own cable systems and no longer have a need for these. These ERC cable systems are complete and are in great working order, and will include a brand new running cable that we will order and cut to your length specifications.

The price will include installation and training, and depending on your location may include transportation/delivery. We are also happy to help with ongoing service and all future parts.
These systems are priced well under what you could purchase any other 2-tower cable system for today, and we'll guarantee the major moving parts (pulleys and bearings) for 1 year if you follow our inspection and maintenance protocols. Open to offers and financing arrangements for the right situation.

I'm sure someone will ask so no, we are not selling our own systems at this time but we are happy to help you in other areas as needed.

I don't post or check regularly, so please forward any questions to mhwinfo@milehighwakeboarding.com

robandrus 12-17-2013 3:13 PM

Thats a sick deal. Wish I had a spot to use them. Good luck.

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