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Ronix1andahalf 12-16-2013 1:13 PM

How to start throwing methods
Don't we all love to see a sick method. I started trying the method just this past weekend, and saw for myself why a lot of people claim that the method is more a trick in itself than just a grab. I can kick the board up without grabbing, both hands on the handle ok, but as soon as I take my front hand off the handle, the board drifts more to the side, rather than the bottom graphic facing the direction I'm going.

I understand that this is probably something normal when learning to do a method, and I think I understand why it's happening as well. I feel like once I take my front hand off the handle, the tension starts pulling my body into kind of a 180, shifting my board to my side, instead of the bottom facing forwards like I mentioned earlier.

So my question to you guys is, is there anything I can specifically do to get closer to, or at least get myself on the right track to do a legitimate method air. Obviously I can't expect myself to be able to do a method glide before a method air. Should I just throw a million ugly ass methods until I start doing it better? What kind of ugly method should I do? Where do I start?

One thing I think I need is just better flexibility. What are some stretches I can do to generally improve my flex, that will also help my comfortability with the body position for the method a bit on the side? I'd love to hear some experiences or stories, so I can tell myself it's not necessarily that I'm doing it wrong to begin with, but that it's simply kind of hard to do and takes time to get used to, let alone master.

Thanks, josh

hkysk8r187 12-18-2013 5:37 PM

After you fall you can get into method position while floating in the water and figure out how you need to bend to get into that position in the air. As for the trick, what I do is pull the handle to my leading hip hard as I ride up the wake. Unlike normal spins I actually start pulling the handle really early on this trick and I find that it helps a lot.

nnorthf2 01-28-2014 5:01 PM

Just remember that your body is controlled by the position of the handle. It won't matter what hand is holding the handle as long as you keep the handle towards your butt cheek on your front hip. When the handle starts to drift to your back hip, that is when you will start to spin that unwanted 180. Once you figure this part out, you will have a much easier go at things........

To get the board to poke the way you want it to, wait until you have the grab and then use your back foot to control where you poke the board. I prefer the ninja kick to the boat (KKKKAAAAAAPPPPPPOOOW). Good luck and props on the focus on style!!!!

For inspiration, check out this insane SW Method by Danny Davis.

nnorthf2 01-28-2014 5:03 PM

Sorry, this should work to stoke you out. Danny Davis SW Method

tahoeguy7 01-29-2014 8:51 AM

I have absolutely no flexibility, so it was pretty hard for me to get into a good method position. I just started like you by trying to face the board to the boat on two handed wake jumps. Then I started doing the same thing but with one hand. If you try it over and over for a run, you'll get the feel for where your body needs to be. You'll also want to get feedback from people in the boat. My main focus for the people in the boat was to make sure they could see the entire bottom of my board.

When you want to start adding the grab, do exactly what Nick said. Grab the board first, then kick. When you are not flexible, grabbing the board first actually helps you poke the board toward the boat.

My profile pic is of me doing a decent method. I don't really ever have any good photographers in the boat so it is hard for me to get good pictures.

brithunsicker 02-07-2014 2:25 PM

I won't say that I am an expert at methods, actually something I am going to really work on this summer. But something you might try that goes along with handle position, is where you hold the handle. I have had better luck with board control depending on if my hand is on the far left, right, or middle. Sounds odd, but it works for me depending on the trick

Good luck

dvsone79 03-12-2014 12:54 PM

Is a method easier on a toe side wake jump or heel side?

Ronix1andahalf 04-07-2014 4:19 PM

I'd definitely say heelside. I don't see the point of doing a method toeside. I can pretty much do them now but what I'm really concerned with is style. Anyways, this is how I do it; I come in really really hard and once airborne I have both hands on the handle and as I kick up my board I pull more with my front hand until it gets kind of close to my front hip. That's when I start to feel the tension more in my back hand and once I feel that I let go with my front hand and grab. I'm having some trouble finding the time to grab, then kick though, even though people tell me I'm taking them pretty big. But I guess these things will just come with time

VinnyA 05-28-2014 6:58 AM

The Toeside FS180 to method is sick, Josh Twelker throws a few in Al Sur if you've seen it. Not sure if watching tricks over and over helps you learn but check it out.

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