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corerider 12-13-2013 1:22 PM

School me on the Grand Canyon!
I will be going to Las Vegas for a few days in May for my brother's wedding. While there we want to catch a few sights, Grand Canyon being one of them. West Rim or South Rim... Either better for viewing or about the same? Either way it will be about a 4 hour ride just to get there. :(

Wanted to take the "Dam Tour", but the Canyon tours I were looking at say they stop at the dam for a few pics. May just do that instead since an entire day will be taken just to do the Canyon.


baitkiller 12-13-2013 7:54 PM

South rim.
Stop 1/2 way down or be sorry unless your crew is above average fit.

Pad1Tai 12-13-2013 10:28 PM

South Rim.... Are you planning on hiking it?.. I did it twice... River and back... It's tough....

corerider 12-14-2013 5:54 AM

I would LOVE to hike it, but I would be the only one in the group that would want to hike something like that and we won't have enough time. Just going there to see it for a couple hours to turn around and make the 4 hour drive back. I've been told to dress warm because the temps could be 100 in Vegas and 60 at the Canyon. Is that true?

Pad1Tai 12-14-2013 7:42 AM

If you never seen it, you'll drive and drive and drive then when you get to the edge you look and say Holy $^&$#!!!... It's quite amazing... If it's 100 in vegas then it's 130 down in the hole.. It's cooler on the rim but a lot hotter when you hike it in... If you get the chance hike a mile or so on the Bright Angel Trial behind the lodge.. It'a all switch backs till you get to the Indian Camp..

The West Rim.. from what I hear is a tourist trap... Take the drive to the South Rim..

When your looking at the canyon, do me a favor and think of Al Gore...

The grand canyon was formed from one of the 7 global warming cycles the earth experienced in the 10 billion years since created..

Not Al's effin TAILPIPE....

Pad1Tai 12-14-2013 8:10 AM

Also the hoover dam tour is well worth it...

hatepain 12-14-2013 9:39 AM

I've done that exact trek. For me it was really only worth it to say I've seen the grand canyon. It is amazing but you can only stare into a hole for so long. If youre doing an excursion is probably a lot better. We were there in June and it was dam near as hit as it was in Vegas.

magicr 12-14-2013 11:24 AM


The grand canyon was formed from one of the 7 global warming cycles the earth experienced in the 10 billion years since created..

Not Al's effin TAILPIPE....
Nice Political segway.

When you go there, make sure you think of Chevy Chase in Vacation. :)

Pad1Tai 12-14-2013 2:50 PM

^^ lolz!!.........

Thanks Scott.. I never new the actual definition of Segway (segue as the Italian origin)...

"a smooth transition from one place to another." "to follow"

Learned something new today..

12-14-2013 4:11 PM

To paraphrase the great Chris Farley - "I've seen a lot of stuff, but the Grand Canyon was AWESOME!" I went a couple of years ago to the south rim - didn't hike down but spent about 1/2 a day there and I drug my jaw around on the ground the whole time. One tip - it's a mile down and miles across - take some binoculars - the distances are so far it's difficult to make out objects and people even 1/2 way down from the edge.

Here's a pic I took when we were there - weather that day was perfect:

brichter14 12-14-2013 4:45 PM

What a beautiful country we live in.

magicr 12-14-2013 10:24 PM


Bright Angel Trial
Wasn't this featured on Perry Mason?


Thanks Scott
You're welcum... ;)

shawndoggy 12-15-2013 10:57 AM

IMHO the dam tour is pretty weak post 9-11, but if you never did the tour back in the day you'd probably still find the current tour pretty impressive.

mcdye 12-17-2013 10:59 AM

drive, drive, and drive, then BAM, big hole in the ground.... IT is breath taking.

skull 12-17-2013 11:32 AM

One thing that is pretty awesome... take a helicopter from Vegas over the Hoover Dam and to the GC. I did it and it was amazing. I have lots of crazy pics from that trip.

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