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N0cturnalEm1ss1on 12-12-2013 7:25 PM

Looking for a GOOD stereo shop around the 209
I'm looking to make some upgrades to the current stereo set up this winter. Can anyone recommend a good quality shop? I live in Tracy(209) and was looking for some where that you can trust, quality work and feel OK about leaving it overnight if need be.

ndavis03 12-12-2013 8:28 PM

Get in contact with Chucktronics in Lodi.

davidggriffith 12-12-2013 8:53 PM

Talk to Dennis at liquid trends in San Jose

dp513 12-12-2013 9:40 PM

Justin at Jacopi designs. Hes in San Rafael but he does travel. Best in the business. He has done 2 of my trucks and my boat and my boat was one of the loudest and clearest boats on the water. He will be doing my next boat as well! 415-246-6607. tell him Danny Pacini sent you. From audio to leds to tint. He does it all.

tn_rider 12-12-2013 10:07 PM

+1 for both liquid trends and chucktronicks. Can't go wrong with either.

wakemitch 12-12-2013 10:10 PM

Chucktronics in Lodi and Liquid Trends in San Jose are the two best boat audio shops in California, and maybe even two of the best in the country.

I would highly recommend Liquid Trends. They are boaters/riders and know the ins and outs of all the wakeboats. They arent just some car audio shop that does boats for some extra money, they are all about boats. They know what works and what doesnt. Plus, they use product from all of the manufacturers, so they arent going to pushing one brand down your throat because thats all they sell. If you want exile, they will do exile, If you want wetsounds, they will do wetsounds, ect.They will do whats best for you.

They have done a lot of my friend's boats and I am always impressed.

ryanw209 12-12-2013 10:39 PM

Ryan at Chucktronics is my recommendation. He does qualiy top notch work and he will treat your boat like it is his own.

2501 S Stockton St Lodi
(209) 339-4600

tn_rider 12-13-2013 4:31 AM

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Attachment 33177
Pretty crazy liquid trends install

N0cturnalEm1ss1on 12-13-2013 8:24 AM

Thank you so much everyone! I'm heading over to Chucktronicks today! I cant believe i didn't even think of that place. i drive by it almost everyday! I'm looking to add to the tower. I am currently running 2 Rev10s and was considering adding 2 more or the the Rev410. thoughts and feedback??

N0cturnalEm1ss1on 12-13-2013 8:30 AM

BTW, I noticed Liquid Trends Has a Modesto location that is a lot closer to me than SJ. I get the feeling from everyone's response that it is nothing compared to the SJ location???

wakemitch 12-13-2013 10:20 AM

Yeah the Modesto and San Jose Liquid Trends shops are very different. I would only recommend San Jose.

load 12-13-2013 12:13 PM

I have had great service at the Liquid Trends Modesto.

grkero 12-13-2013 1:20 PM


Originally Posted by N0cturnalEm1ss1on (Post 1855641)
Thank you so much everyone! I'm heading over to Chucktronicks today! I cant believe i didn't even think of that place. i drive by it almost everyday! I'm looking to add to the tower. I am currently running 2 Rev10s and was considering adding 2 more or the the Rev410. thoughts and feedback??

I have had 2 rev 10s powered by an Arc Audio KS300.4 for about 3 seasons. I have nothing but the best to say about them in a 1 pair config. I'm sure 2 pair would be ridiculous if you don't skimp out on the amp(s).

From an aesthetic point of view, I prefer 4 rev 10s to the threesome configuration.

breakz77 12-17-2013 7:51 PM

Call Dennis at Liquid Trends in San Jose… He will work with you and take care of you with whatever you need.

Their customer service and quality tops anyone!

ktm525 12-18-2013 7:43 AM

There is only one shop I would recommend. Chucktronics. Call Ryan you won't be disappointed.

mikeski 12-18-2013 11:23 AM

Ryan at Chucktronics is a great call, he does amazing custom work and has a very long list of happy customers. Ben with Acme also does good stereo work plus they are a full service upholstery business as well. My other boat, an older Ski Nautique is at his shop now getting the upholstery replaced, a little sealed 12" sub box and replacement of the cockpit speakers. Liquid Trends is good too but I have only dealt with Johnny from San Jose.

Glad you are doing your research. The installation is just as important or more than the equipment. I have recently heard a boat with a ton of great gear sound that was a complete disappointment. I have also heard a boat with lots of entry level gear that sounded amazing. The difference was in the installation and the tuning, this is why you need a good installer.

jarrod 12-18-2013 11:24 AM

Another recommendation for Chucktronics. They've done our last 5 boats. Definitely a premium shop. Clean, quality installations, and the only best best components.

buffalow 12-18-2013 12:49 PM

By the way - THIS is the reason for WW. Quality referrals from vendors that support our industry. We need to be able to voice these without fear of having the info removed due to sponsors. Not trying to fight or anything, but just nice to see a quality vendor get properly resented here like it used to be.

surfkid 12-19-2013 10:23 AM

Definitely a huge plus to Dennis at liquid trends. He knows his way around a stereo. I had a minor issue while I was out riding after I changed the batteries in the boat and text him pics of the wiring and he was able to help out. Great guy and really knows his stuff. Well worth the trip to San Jose. This is his contact number(707) 694-8971

deltawake 12-19-2013 10:30 AM

Call Dennis at Liquid Trends. I promise you that he will take good care of you. He has done four boats for us. All of his installs are clean and with top notch equipment.

Call Dennis at (707) 694-8971. Don't be put off by the 707 number. His shop is in San Jose, but I assure you he will make it convenient for you to get the boat to him and pick it up when he is done. First class guy!

xmarksthespot 12-19-2013 10:34 AM

Liquid Trends in San Jo. Done about 10 of my friends boats and all have been legit. Custom or basic, and you don't have to spend 10 or 20+g's to get get great service The only place that's still busy with boat stuff in the winter says something! Good luck!

And a +1 on buffalow's post.

migs 12-19-2013 10:47 AM

+1 for Dennis. Great guy, great work, great Cust Service.

dmc_napa 12-19-2013 11:15 AM

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We live in Discovery Bay and spend countless hours on our boat from February through November and with teenage girls - the beats have to be on point.

Our boat is currently with Dennis of Liquid Trends and getting some love to kick off the 2014 Wakeboard Season. We have been very satisfied and thoroughly enjoy the quality of our Exile system. The service and team are outstanding!

I'd offer a demo - but it is currently with Dennis at Liquid Trends!

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Tmv604 12-19-2013 11:24 AM

Liquid Trends San Jose
Dennis at Liquid Trends has done my last two boats and the quality of work and his ability within this shop is un-matched. He has done full sound system, above and below water lighting systems, PA, mounted an IPad to use as control module... Just goes out of his way to make his work top notch. Water sports without quality sound is frustrating. You can't just trust what we are saying. Go in and see for yourself! Liquid Trends San Jose:

jarrod 12-19-2013 11:32 AM

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Some Chucktronics work on our last three Malibus. Bikini girls seem to follow his systems everywhere.

murphy_smith 12-19-2013 12:58 PM

Ryan at Chucktronics is by far one of the best marine installers in the lower 48. He uses premium equipment and his tuning regimen is second to none. Go over to Chucktronics FB page and look, he does systems with one set of tower speakers all the way up to 8 or 10.

His systems are bulletproof - you be hard pressed to screw it up!

KLPDEPAEPE 12-21-2013 7:39 AM

Ryan at Chucktronics did my 210 this summer. I am really happy with the set up. The truth is I was super nervous to take my boat to someone to work on it. I was afraid of it getting scratched, the interior getting jacked up, or worst than that, getting a crappy job done in general. My boat is 11 years old and it's all I have, so I treat it as so. I can confidently say, Ryan did a great job of not scratching, scuffing, or screwing up my boat, the interior, or the trailer. That was really pleasing. It came back with zero issues and he steam cleaned my carpet to boot! The install took a couple trips to the shop, but that was part my fault of needing the boat/changing a couple things and it being July. Yes, I tried having him do it in July. Yes, that was dumb. I will say this. Get it done ASAP. Summer will be here soon and that is not the time to work on your boat system. It sucks for all involved, you without your boat, him being crazy busy plus it is hot as hell in Lodi in July. Do it ASAP! The components used were top notch and the install is super clean and incognito, exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend listening to him, tell him what you want, and then listen. Let him direct you, he is the professional. After Ryan pulled the original deck, two amps, sub, int. speakers, tower speakers, and all the wiring we went with Sony deck with driver side remote, that fancy computer controlled eg thingy, 4 amps, 4 int. speakers with new cloth grills as my factory grills were showing wear, 4 Rev 8's, and 2-12's in a passenger side ported box. I highly recommend a master volume knob and a switch to kill the tower speakers(What? you don't want to blow up the marina ALL the time? No, I don't....) Like someone said before, Ryan is a boater/rider too. That counts for a lot if you are one too. While he can do all kinds of cool installs in anything you want, he specializes in boats and it shows. For me, it was cool to go there the first time and see only boats, like 5 six-figure boats stuffed in his shop. I knew I had come to the right place. Good luck!

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