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DealsGapCobra 12-06-2013 5:07 AM

Pay Attention!
Things are getting a little slow around here. Not sure if this has been posted, if so, sorry for the repost.

Leanring to ski?

hatepain 12-06-2013 5:40 AM

Holy crap that must have been a pleasant surprise. How long would he have to have been turned around to miss that? Idiot.

downfortheride 12-06-2013 6:57 AM

Now that was AWESOME! Sucks, but awesome...

jaws 12-06-2013 7:16 AM


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clubjoe 12-06-2013 7:35 AM

Looks like a few trips to the chiropractor and a lotta splainin to do!

I tried to teach my mom to drive my first boat (83 mini daycruiser) and she polished my prop on the sand along the shore... Lesson over!

whiteflashwatersports1 12-06-2013 7:45 AM

Wow - lucky they did not hit a tree and get killed

Greeko 12-06-2013 9:17 AM

lol, wow

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