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baitkiller 11-25-2013 3:42 PM

open toe binding suggestions
For #1 son to go on the new Bill 130 that Santa is bringing.
He wears size 7 cleats so I guess a 7-9 boot will give him some growing room.
His mandate is comfy and open toe.
My mandate is durable and affordable.
They must be salt water friendly.

Please help. All suggestions are appreciated.

dezul 11-25-2013 3:51 PM

Check out the liquid force vantage. You should be able to find some on evo.com in the outlet section.

dezul 11-25-2013 3:57 PM

You have tons of options though. The vantage may not be the best for him. The velcro straps take some muscle to get tight. Check out the Ronix Districts.

boardjnky4 11-25-2013 4:26 PM

I'm a big fan of ronix bindings. They have some good options for closed toe.

baitkiller 11-25-2013 6:08 PM

Have y'all found the Districts to be durable?

ottog1979 11-26-2013 3:37 AM

I also like open toe. I just finished my third season with Ronix Kai including some salt. I will be riding next year in them too.

dezul 11-26-2013 4:22 AM

I think the durability of the boot will be fine unless he takes some hard spills and typically pretty rough on his stuff. All the reviews on evo.com seem to be pretty good for the Ronix Districts.

Kwclark 11-26-2013 12:24 PM

I have a pair of districts. They seem to be holding up just fine.

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