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phillywakeboarder 11-20-2013 3:07 PM

Ronix Site Up
Just noticed that the Ronix site is up and running. That's all.

RiverRatA20 11-20-2013 4:31 PM

Not much wow factor for as long at it was down, but grateful that I can see the new products.

RiverRatA20 11-20-2013 4:36 PM

scratch that last comment, they added more to the new site, flows much better.

bryce2320 11-20-2013 5:54 PM

This is going to hurt my wallet :D

phillywakeboarder 11-20-2013 7:54 PM

If anyone takes a ride (boat) on one of the camber boards I'd be interested to know what you think. I've been riding the Viva for 2 years and am thinking of trying something totally different like camber or perhaps a slingshot.

boardjnky4 11-21-2013 9:58 AM

I heard from a buddy that the camber boards are slow.

Also, tried the new Parks handle and it felt like it was falling apart after 1 day of use. The new boots look GREAT in person. The Franks are definitely loud.

skiboarder 11-21-2013 11:56 AM

I'm definitely interested in the camber boards. It would be hard to get me off the Will/Bill shape, but the concept is interesting enough to enter with an open mind.

KGar11 11-21-2013 4:11 PM

I havent seen one pro ride the bandwagon in the park yet. they all seem to prefer the videl schnook. that doesnt make me want to go out and buy one. Im a huge fan of the phoenix S

captain_vilfo 11-21-2013 4:42 PM

lol ^^ I was thinking the same exact thing. The camber might need some adjusting before people buy into it

gotwake133 11-21-2013 7:47 PM

For everyone curious about Camber, I can give you my .02..

I have ridden both the Parks and the Bandwagon behind the boat, and the bandwagon at the park.

First things first, Camber is very different. It may not be for everyone, while others will benefit from it.

These boards are not fast, (compared to Code 22, Viva, William, Etc) but if you want a very fast board, just get one of those. I found that riders looking for a board that is going to boost them into the flats are not going to be raving about the camber, but for riders that are doing more wake to wake stuff, (myself) will benefit most from Camber.

After riding both the Parks and the Bandwagon, the first few sets are very weird. I have a very big snowboard background, and a decent surfing background, and I found you tend to ride the camber boards more like snowboards or surfboards, driving with your front foot.
You can really feel the whole edge of the board, and develop a better control/progressive edge when coming into the wake. They are overall more forgiving, and very "fun" to ride.

Landings are one thing that really stood out for me. The landings were not only soft, but very stable. many tricks that I normally would have butt checked on, or fallen on I rode away from.

Overall, if your looking for a board to do raleys on don't go camber. If you want to have some fun, not kill your knees, and really dial in your wake to wake stuff, give it a try.

At the park I had a blast on the bandwagon. I normally ride a Bill board or Von Videl. The bandwagon flexes a bit, (similar to a phoenix) and takes a little getting use too. however its very controllable, and lands awesome. If you you are a phoenix fan, you will probably like this board.

I hope my opinion helped, but again, its just my opinion!

Jmaxymek 11-22-2013 11:10 AM

The Bandwagon isn't exactly supposed to replace the Phoenix as a board that flexes AND rides well off the wake. The AirCore is geared towards boat riding and the ATR, although it will flex, it's definitely not going to ride park the same way the Schnook will. Camber isn't designed to blow park riders away, it's designed to give wake riding a whole new feel.

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