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ferrisgreene 11-12-2013 3:04 PM

Grabs on rails!!!!
Yay or nay???

JamesHawk101 11-12-2013 4:12 PM

I think they look raw. Especially if its like a rail air grab to rail again.

andy_nintzel 11-13-2013 7:16 AM

Meh- I am in different, but I go out of my way to not me the style police

skiboarder 11-13-2013 7:31 AM

Used well/sparingly, I like it.

Toeside Frontboard with a stalefish and a 270 off on the Urban Transfer at WN Houston is one of my favorite tricks (probably didn't get that description right), but I have ran over my fingers a few times and that sucks.

mtownrydr 11-13-2013 10:29 AM

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Public Service Announcement via Chris O'Shea: Apparently if you want to keep your fingers don't grab on rails!!!

kyle_L 11-13-2013 4:45 PM

if you have fun doing it, do it. if you dont have fun doing it, don't do it. im not a fan at all of how it looks but if it gives you stoke, grab on

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