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phillywakeboarder 11-11-2013 7:28 AM

diameter of raw water intake hose?
Anyone know the diameter of the raw water intake hose on a 99 star? I'm gonna rig up a valve to make winterizing easier and am trying 2 save a trip out to the boat. Thanks!!

dhcomp1 11-11-2013 11:25 PM

I'm 90% sure its 1 1/4"

brycejb328 11-12-2013 7:15 AM

I had a mercruiser and two indmar's. All of those were 1 1/4. Seems to be pretty standard

WheelerWake 11-12-2013 10:04 AM

Yep, 1.25"

robertstone9 11-12-2013 1:19 PM

like this ? best think i ever did to my boat was adding one of these


jjolin01 11-12-2013 7:33 PM

Can these be installed anywhere on the raw water intake, not a certain distant from the impeller?

robertstone9 11-12-2013 7:40 PM


phillywakeboarder 11-13-2013 5:40 PM

Thank you!! My plan is to install a valve on the intake hose so I can run antifreeze into the motor without messing around with a fake a lake. I looked at the perko unit but I don't think it'll work because it says you have to have pressure for the valve to function properly (say, from a garden hose), and I won't have any pressure with a bucket of antifreeze.

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