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bryce2320 11-09-2013 3:47 PM

Tree stand pics
Hunting season is here in south central , KS. The deer are starting to run and pre rut , ducks are flying , and turkey's everywhere. Post up pics of where your at and pics. I had an awesome morning in the stand , 15-20 does, 40 turkey's, and rattled in a small 8 pt that I passed up. To good of a hunt not to share some pics!!!

bryce2320 11-09-2013 3:48 PM

Oh, then after that I went to the lake for the afternoon :D 66* and no wind!

brichter14 11-09-2013 3:50 PM



This is what ive seen so far. Nothin.

bryce2320 11-09-2013 4:13 PM

Haha. I wasted at least a minute looking before I read your post.

wake26 11-11-2013 6:37 AM

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Most of the seasons are getting over here in CO but we had a good year. First is a bull that I called in for a cousin archery season. 2nd rifle we had a reall good mule deer hunt. Next on to Texas for some whitetale action.

Cheenan 11-11-2013 1:53 PM


Opener for rifle?

I'm getting excited to get out, but our rifle opener isn't till Nov 22.

john211 11-11-2013 2:54 PM

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Climate warming has allowed Texas critters to extend their range into Southern Missouri like we have never seen before. Tarnatulas, armadillos, road runners ...

bryce2320 11-12-2013 5:04 AM


Originally Posted by Cheenan (Post 1852627)

Opener for rifle?

I'm getting excited to get out, but our rifle opener isn't till Nov 22.

Idk when rifle is here. I normally try to stick a buck and turkey with my bow.

HighWater 11-12-2013 5:29 AM

Bryce- an 8 pointer of that size in Georgia would be down quick. Mid-west immature deer trump GA mature deer by far. I've passed on every deer Ive seen this year, but busting the coyotes ass as were are ate the fig up with them.

brett33 11-12-2013 6:51 AM

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The wife
Mathews +GoPro
Trail cam
My 12

bryce2320 11-12-2013 7:10 AM

Damn those are some monster bucks!

iShredSAN 11-12-2013 7:41 AM

So sick Brett! ^^^

pnichols 11-12-2013 4:49 PM


Tarnatulas, armadillos, road runners ...
and chupacabra

dirwoody 11-12-2013 5:29 PM

Been a slow start to the rut here in SE Nebraska. Had some good chasing and a close encounter with a shooter 10, but that's the only notable thing. Lots of dinks and some really broken up bucks, but such is bow season

snowboardcorey 11-21-2013 2:14 PM

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Had high hopes for this year but overall there was little to no sign of bucks moving in our area. Ended up with a doe. The first pic is a "stand" that was on our property when we bought it, the second is the sun coming up from my tree stand.

bryce2320 11-21-2013 5:29 PM

My grandpas buddy that shares the lease we hunt on dropped a big 9 point from the stand I hunt out of everytime I go. Huge cold front came in tonight. I will be leaving early from work tomorrow so I can go sit tomorrow night....... And then all weekend :D May go shoot some ducks and geese Sunday morning. Ill post some more pics :D

bryce2320 11-29-2013 11:56 AM

Had some good hunts this week, but finally got it done last night. Nice buck came in at 4pm and got a good 25 yd shot. Didn't run 60 yds. He had a broke drop tine, a broke kicker on his brow tine and a completely broken brow tine but he was good enough for me. Also been hammering ducks.

iShredSAN 11-29-2013 2:15 PM

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A couple of cull bucks my wife took with her bow

iShredSAN 11-29-2013 2:16 PM

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iShredSAN 11-29-2013 2:18 PM

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bryce2320 11-29-2013 6:10 PM

Good bucks! Check out this field duck hunt we had tonight!

brett33 11-30-2013 8:37 AM

Hell yeah Bryce, congrats!

LYNRDSKYNRD 01-05-2014 9:53 AM

Eight point my son got yesterday afternoon :-)

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