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Barks 11-07-2013 9:50 PM

22 MXZ ballast info
Got a 22 MXZ and can't find much info on it - other than glossy pictures and a lot of adjectives.....

Anyone know how much ballast is in the stock 2013 22 MXZ front hard tank? and rear & centre tanks?

Also, the ballast pumps....do they use the gauge reading to stop when filling/emptying? or is there a "timeout" limit setting on the pumps? I have only noticed one tank overflowing during filling......

I want to fit a piggy back sac to the rear tanks, will the pumps stop filling when the maliview gauge says the hardtank is full? (and sac is empty?)


jarrod 11-08-2013 10:19 AM

I have an MXZ with the factory plug and play sacks. There is on auto shut off or timeout. They will keep running. You should just order the factory PNP system that sits on top of the factory tanks. It works very well.

spencerwm 11-08-2013 12:03 PM

Below are the stock numbers for the MXZ. With that factory Plug and Play numbers being more of a suggestion. When ever the media tests the bow they say 950 lbs. standard which excludes the bow ballast tank and 2,400 lbs. max which includes the Fly High Malibu 550 rear Ballast bags. Although the 550's fit nice I typically see customers go with something bigger to optimize the space in the rear lockers. We also usually run another bag up front. Especially if you are surfing using SurfGate.

Malibu MXZ 22 Standard Factory Ballast:
250 lbs. Port Rear Hard Tank
250 lbs. Starboard Rear Hard Tank
450 lbs. Center Hard Tank
350 lbs. Bow Hard Tank
Plug n Play Factory Ballast:
550 lbs. Port Rear Soft Ballast Bag
550 lbs. Starboard Rear Soft Ballast Bag

The Maliview system uses a timer from what I remember. This means if you use the presets the ballast pumps will stop when the factory tanks should be full. I usually just hit fill all on the touch pad below. If you are going to use a Malibu piggy back you will just have to use the main controls to fill and drain. Great boat. You will have a lot of fun this summer. Enjoy your time on the water.


Prestoooooo 11-09-2013 8:17 AM

^ they actually aren't on timers. Pretty much everyone but Malibu is. That may have been the case on older models but not anymore.

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