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WLF 11-06-2013 1:11 PM

Stripe or no Stripe?
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I have to put the final decision on colors, any opinion on going with the stripe or just solid black? Thanks for your professional opinions...

bryce2320 11-06-2013 1:18 PM

Vote 1 for stripe

andrew_moreton 11-06-2013 1:19 PM

If you want to keep the lime on the interior, I would include the lime stripe in the gel coat. If you go with a solid black boat (Harley just got a solid black X-Star), then I'd probably do an all silver interior to make the "X" on the hull pop with maybe some black sections on the interior.

phathom 11-07-2013 5:24 PM

Agreed, interior as is, keep the stripe, otherwise ditch it and murder the boat out.

ryand121 12-04-2013 7:51 PM

Stripe for sure

MIKEnNC 12-04-2013 8:22 PM


downfortheride 12-04-2013 8:25 PM

Yep, stripe is a must with that interior.

brichter14 12-05-2013 5:03 AM

Is there no option to powdercoat the tower?

DatTexasBoy 12-05-2013 5:43 AM

Boy you might regret that black interior!!! Js

jbach 12-05-2013 6:22 AM

no stripe.

when that vinyl is shot in a few years, someone will be ecstatic to get rid of all evidence of that lime color.

newwhit 12-05-2013 6:51 AM


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