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Greeko 11-06-2013 10:15 AM

Rockford M262 and M282
Hey everyone,

I have a boat with WS XS-650 and Xs-808s. I am planning on adding 2 more pairs of xs-650 and 1 more xs-808 ..

Doing so would cost the same as replacing ALL my speakers with brand new Rockford M262 and M282.

Has anyone had experience with these compared to the WS gear?

Thanks in advance.

wdr 11-07-2013 6:33 PM

I have a '10 Malibu 23 LSV with a full RF factory system. I have replaced 2 of the 8 262s due to the speaker cones delaminating from the pliable suspension rings and I am working on my 2nd sub due to bad coils in both. Fortunately the subs were warrantied. I am not banging my head or cranking the system for wbing and my boat goes inside every night after use it so I believe most of the issues with them are UV and heat damage. IIWM I would save my money for the WS. RF is a good factory entry level system but not even close to WS or Exile.

cjh1669 11-08-2013 7:17 AM

The funny thing is you can get a great WS system for what malibu charges form the factory on those over priced RF systems. If you go elsewhere you can buy the entire RF system for under $1000.00

murphy_smith 11-09-2013 3:19 PM

Went through this scenario a little while back.

The WS 650's are night and day better than the Rockford OEM. Much, much more mid bass, more output and an all around better built speaker. The RF M-series are not bad speakers and I would say that if your boat already had them in it, put some good power to it and see how you like.

But since you are at the crossroads of doing new speakers. I'd say go the Wetsounds. Yes they are more money but you will have no regrets. With the RF speakers - you may play them a couple times out and they may leave you wanting more.

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