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skiboarder 11-05-2013 1:00 PM

STOLEN Wakeboards: Houston
Last night my house was robbed and they appeared to focus on wakeboard hard goods. They broke into my truck for wakeboards under a bed cover and also snatched 2 wake surfers that I had on some over head racks under my house. There was plenty of other, more liquid, items like rod & reels , skateboards, paddleboards and Kayaks that were passed-over.

141 El Von Videl Snook
-Parks boot size 9 (2012)

144 Parks wakeboard
-Older open-toe Bill Boots

138 Company Severence
-Ronix girls open toe boots (purple 2012)

Pink Gnarlslayer wake surfer

Ronix longboard wake surfer

The wakeboards had extensive use at the park. The Company has a very distinct cut-out on one corner (damage repair) and the Shnook has a large Malibu and M2 Sports sticker. The parks boots have aluminum tape on lower lace grip.

Its a long-shot, but If you come across these boards at a local pawnshop or in your local Craigslist, please call me 832-703-7473 or shoot me a PM.

chillinoj 11-06-2013 2:52 PM

Thats messed up, hopefully they turn up

boardman74 11-06-2013 4:35 PM

Sounds like they knew exactly what they were looking for and exactly where you stored it. That being the case 90% chance it was someone you know!! Someone who has been to your place and knew where you stored the stuff.

Hooya 11-07-2013 3:29 AM

Worth putting up " for sale" pages for the items on eBay so anyone searching for a board knows there are some stolen ones floating about.

skiboarder 11-08-2013 6:47 AM

I've had to let it go. Hopefully, everything eventually ends up in the hands of someone who can use it. I would hate for it to be thrown in a dumpster once some stupid crackhead realizes that all that it wasn't worth much...

On another note, I got my hands on a used Bill (couldn't find a super cheap Schnook) and took a few laps yesterday. I was suprised by how playful it was.

xclay89x 11-08-2013 11:36 AM

I have a schnook that I am looking to get rid of for pretty cheap. It has been used for half a season. it is the LED Schnook willing to let go for 200.

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