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matty_gs 11-05-2013 12:04 PM

Any riders on Oak Hollow Lake, NC?
Moving to High Point in the next month and about 4 minutes from the Oak Hollow ramp. Looking to meet up with some local riders in the spring. How is the water and depths? Looking to get much more riding time with such a short drive to the ramp.


surffresh 11-05-2013 1:55 PM

If you're talking about the one in High Point, I am pretty sure it's not public. We had an event there last year and never saw another boat other than ours. I did see a marina or dock with boats and was told that they only allow 6 on the water at a time. I'm sure someone else can clarify, I'm not 100%.

jonblarc7 12-20-2013 8:12 AM

I is completely public and it's the best water around they just have a lot of rules. Only 12 ski boats at one time on the lake (I have never seen more than five). No tubing or jet skies witch is great because its just me a bunch of fishermen that hate me LOL but great water. Here's the good one no swimming you can not just pull the anchor out and swim and float around your boat its stupid I know. I was told be the lady that runs the lake to just throw a line out and "act" like your changing riders. And 23 feet is as big of a boat as you can put in the lake but they think my 24V is only 22 feet LOL.

I'll give you a call today Matthew.

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