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superair502 11-05-2013 12:50 PM

how much to lift? f-250
Thinking about lifting my 2003 powerstroke 7.3 its a crew cab 4 wheel drive. plan on running 20 inch wheels and wanted some opinions on lift and tire size. I want a pretty substantial lift but it will be my first lifted vehicle, need input on suspension as Idk what I will need.

the truck will be used to tow an A22 or A24
some hiway miles daily about 20
mostly around ttown
some off roading.

mpg I somewhat care about but want off road capability and that lifted truck look
was thinking 35s on 20s with 6 inch lift? thoughts?

hunter660 11-05-2013 1:31 PM

I would lift it the least I had to in order to clear 35s and call it a day. I would be looking at something in the 4" range if it were mine.

Griggs24 11-05-2013 1:47 PM

This is my 08 F-250 with a 4.5 inch lift & 38's.
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Ford fender wells will allow larger tires with smaller lift.

superair502 11-05-2013 2:04 PM

what size tires and lift is that? I have old style 7.3

Griggs24 11-05-2013 2:06 PM

That's a 4.5 inch lift with 38 inch tires.

Supra24 11-05-2013 2:06 PM


Originally Posted by Griggs24 (Post 1851920)
Ford fender wells will allow larger tires with smaller lift.

This. I think a Ford will fit 35's when leveled. At least I know the 6.0 did.

Griggs24 11-05-2013 2:11 PM

I had 35 inch mudders on this ford with no lift. Truck actually road a lot better with that set up. I will say spend the extra money on a good lift. I went the cheap route and defiantly got what I paid for.

machloosy 11-05-2013 3:13 PM

If you're going for 6" of lift, 37's are minimal. And while it'll fit bigger, your various components will start to wear aggressively. I'd stick to 4" and 35's or 37's. Mine was procomp 4" with dual front shocks, on 37's. It looked about right.

tyler97217 11-05-2013 3:14 PM

That dog pissed on your tire.... Ha ha

phathom 11-05-2013 3:18 PM

^ I just noticed that too lol.

Whatever lift you get, just make sure you get a decent enough drop on your hitch receiver so you can tow the boat level. Having a truck that sits too high and doesn't have a drop receiver to compensate is a real quick way to start gouging up your trailer on the driveway or worse.

bjames 11-05-2013 4:02 PM

Your going to need a substantial drop hitch to tow your boat :)

Griggs24 11-05-2013 4:46 PM


Originally Posted by tyler97217 (Post 1851937)
That dog pissed on your tire.... Ha ha

That's his normal spot. Guess he's trying to crack down on dry rot!

runin90lx 11-05-2013 5:54 PM

my truck has a 6" BDS lift, dual fox shocks on front. fox shocks on back, and the fox stabilizing shocks up front. sitting on 38's on 24" wheels. it rides pretty good for being lifted. i will however probably go to 37" tires next set due to some rubbing on full turn when backing up a trailer, or if you hit a bump while hard turn parking etc.

also pulls the boat effortlessly and level with the correct drop hitch.


Gotmods 11-05-2013 8:17 PM

4" 35's
6" 37's
8" 38's

I'm partial to 6" and 37's

Elliottsx80 11-06-2013 9:56 AM

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I've got a 10 inch running 40x15.50 on 22s with 4.88 gears and lockers

Elliottsx80 11-06-2013 9:59 AM

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Elliottsx80 11-06-2013 10:01 AM

wheels are 22x14 fuel

Elliottsx80 11-06-2013 10:12 AM

not pulling anything i get about 20 to 21 mpg thats running 70. 75 is about 17 and 80 is about 15. pulling the x80 i get about 13 and thats running 75 to 80 down the road. to me fabtech is one of the better all around lifts out there

ddean 11-06-2013 10:13 AM

4" RediLift with 35" Toyo AT's on 22" Fuels - 8k

Griggs24 11-06-2013 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by Elliottsx80 (Post 1852042)

That thing is a beast. 6.4 I take it? How is the power with 40's?

Elliottsx80 11-06-2013 11:30 AM

With the 488 gears I put in it's great. Yea 6.4. I fully deleted it, no dpf or egr coolers with head studs and aftermarket turbos. spent many nights tuning it. Will waist my c6

Griggs24 11-06-2013 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by Elliottsx80 (Post 1852060)
With the 488 gears I put in it's great. Yea 6.4. I fully deleted it, no dpf or egr coolers with head studs and aftermarket turbos. spent many nights tuning it. Will waist my c6

I was wondering how you were getting 20+ MPG out of the 6.4. Now I know! I have a full delete, intake, & plug in play tune and im pushing the 17-18 range with 38"s. Did you go twin turbo or just replace the sequential set up? Sorry for jacking the tread.

Mase: To answer your question on price. It can range depending on the lift and wheel/tire set up you go with. I went with the rough country lift & 18 inch KMC wheels on 38" toyo tires. Total investment with lift installed and front end aligned was a little over 5K. That is probably about the cheapest you will find. I don't really recommend the rough country lift but would take it over the ready lift any day. I know some of these guys have 10K-15K in there set ups. Really just depends on what kind of cheddar your willing to spend.

Elliottsx80 11-06-2013 12:22 PM

went with a better seq. set up. and bigger up pipes.

MASE on your 03 is it leafs or coils up front. thats kinda a split year truck. if its leafs no matter what lift you do its going to ride like poo well unless you go to a coil over set up but thats going to cost you some $$$ been there done that. if its coils, they all ride pretty decent. the problem with later model fords with coils, the larger the lifts 8 + inches the more caster you loose and you cant hold them on the road unless you start fabing out some different rad. arm brackets and drops. or go all aftermarket. the ford in the pics drives like a cadi. only time i have to actually drive the truck is when our tax dollars missed a spot on the interstate where semis have caused ruts

jarrod 11-06-2013 12:52 PM

Chase your truck is perfect. Gorgeous.

Griggs24 11-06-2013 1:00 PM


Originally Posted by jarrod (Post 1852078)
Chase your truck is perfect. Gorgeous.

Thanks bud. It has sure been a good truck for me.

superair502 11-07-2013 6:57 AM

its springs all around, I am thinking 4 inch and 35s the more I look and read

board365 11-07-2013 3:44 PM


board365 11-07-2013 3:47 PM

http://C:\Users\David\Pictures\boat 2.jpg
I had this 08 F250sd had a 8in lift with 2in level sitting on 22's

superair502 11-07-2013 5:41 PM

Meant to say leaf springs

markj 11-08-2013 6:28 PM

Even though I'm a Ram fan, I like how the Fords can fit a big wheels without looking like a donk. I don't get why the rear ends are sagging so much in most of these pics though. Is that on purpose?

jonblarc7 11-13-2013 8:02 AM

If anybody is looking for rims and tires I'm selling my 22" bmf Death Metal and 37" toyo open country off my truck. There in great shape and probably have 80% thread on the front and 90% on the back. I'm just wanting to run something smaller. 3000.00

jonblarc7 11-13-2013 8:03 AM

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