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GuilloHuerta1 11-04-2013 5:28 AM

Code 22 board Vs Time bomb
Hey I'm Getting a new board but don't know if I should get the Ronix Code 22 2013 or the one ATR or time bomb or the William , I mostly ride behind the boat But sometimes i go to a park but very little and I want a very fast board with TONS of pop and soft landings and that you can manoeuvre a lot but that still has a lot of forgiveness and an overall good board and my pockets are very deep I only want ronix because My brother is Sponsored by ronix

skiboarder 11-04-2013 7:25 AM

Fast, Tons of pop and lands soft….Well that is what every board is supposed to be. Could you imagine brochure saying this board has a ton of pop, but it edges like a turd and lands like a ton of bricks.

I ride the William off the wake and the Shnook at the park. If I only was to only own one set-up it would be the Bill ATR hands-down. Even if I only rode park a little. The Bill/William shape is super fast, pops extremely clean and lands fairly soft (not as soft as the code, but not as hard as the One, IMO). The reason I would go Bill over William is that like the Code and the One, the William is a little stiff for the park. You'll sacrifice a little snap off the wake, but it will be a blast in the park.

axxxiswake 11-04-2013 1:10 PM

Why don't you ask your Ronix - Sponsored brother his opinion?

MBofTexas 11-04-2013 2:58 PM

^^^^^ Plus he has deeeeeep pockets, so buy them all.

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Jmaxymek 11-04-2013 7:53 PM

I agree with the Bill/William comment above. Both are fast, poppy, and land soft, going with the Bill give you more flex at the park, while the William will do a little more for you behind the boat. There's give and take with either way there, but the Code and Time Bomb are both boards I would never consider for riding cable.

GuilloHuerta1 11-05-2013 3:32 AM

Thank you for your opinions but do you guys have more experience in the code because the nearest park from my house is 5 hours in plane so behind the boat is the go for me but how does the Code compare to the William and the One boards do they all have explosive pop

P.S my brother rides the parks board but I hate the Board and my pockets are deep for only 1 setup hahahah

GuilloHuerta1 11-05-2013 9:25 AM

Forget about cable all boat pls

Reez 11-05-2013 3:52 PM

I ride the code and I absolutely love it. I haven't ride the one time.bomb but I did speak to people who ride both. From what I understand the one time bomb is faster and.more explosive but a little tougher to ride. The code has.great speed and huge.pop but its got more.of a free ride feel with softer landings and I understand the time bomb just boots you. I noticed those who switched from the TB to the code thought they lost a little but I went from a hook to the code and I loved it. I love the code

GuilloHuerta1 11-05-2013 7:44 PM

Thank you everybody I am going to get the 2013 code 22 because I don't like the 14 graphics, and with the 14 one boots

ironj32 11-07-2013 9:28 AM

I own both and have a decent amount of time on each of them. I prefer the Code 22. In my opinion, it rides a bit easier...less drag across the water and feels a bit faster, more consistent release off the wake. If "pop" is your concern, the Code 22 won't let you down. That all said, the Timebomb is still a great board, I just prefer the Code 22 a bit more.

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