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baitkiller 10-29-2013 8:03 PM

Upgrading the grom
My oldest has nearly outgrown his Ronix Vision 120. Well, his feet have actually. His body is still within </>20 lbs of board max.
Cant pass it down as his little brother is just as big as him and is riding his moms; 132 Vixen. (really nice board).

Im not buying boots for a board soon to be outgrown. soooooo>
The Vision is on the block.
This is just about the ultimate in core rider boards for youngsters ever made.

Ok, that said, he needs a new board. The Vision is super light, has molded off-set edge fins and a center fin which he pulled the first year as he likes a loose and fast board. All edge, will not consider a center fin.
So he is looking for a super light board with harsh pop. (Ski Nautique coffe table wake) that can be ridden loose. Oh yeah, it's got to be fast.
Our subject weighs about 90 lbs, wears size 7 cleats, does W2W and grabbed 180s at 70' and 22 mph. Heel and toe. He has inverts on lock on the tramp but hasn't even hucked one yet on the boat. My guess is that the next year will be his break-out year. He rides cable a couple times a year but is 99% boat.
He is a bit brand loyal with Ronix. I cant blame him. Me.. not so much although this board and hardware has held up well above average considering the life it has led.

1) Suggestions for his next board / boots?
2) Any interest in a kick butt kids board?
Thanks much..

TParke 10-29-2013 11:15 PM

My kids ride the SS supergrom 125 and the older one rides the Derome 132. With your description of what he wants the Derome fits the bill. We ride boat most but have a cable close that we use once in a while.The Derome is fast great pop soft landings and set up with KTV's his feet will love you. I know you said he is loyal to Ronix but if you are looking elsewhere I think it is a great board.

TarahMik 10-30-2013 7:13 AM

I would look into the Coda 129 or the Spark 133. They're both fast boards, with no need for center fin. Very light and snappy.

gotwake133 10-30-2013 8:36 AM

I have seen alot of kids stepping up into the 130 Bill board or William from Ronix. Both great boards, (same shape, different cores) but if he wants something fast, the William is great! The new intelligent core that the William board has is awesome. Super strong lightweight, and fast!
Otherwise for 2014 the LF Harley is offered in a 127 or 129 I believe. That is another great option.

baitkiller 10-30-2013 1:00 PM

Thanks guys Ill check those out. Revolution is a LF and Slingshot dealer. Maybe he can demo something. i would love to move this little board and add that dough to the budget. Maybe I'll put it on ski it again.

wakosaurus 10-30-2013 8:35 PM

Cant go past the 127 Harley with 4-6 Harleys !!!

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