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ksf3377 10-28-2013 3:50 PM

Wet Sounds Help Please!
I currently have 4 wet sounds xs-650 speakers powered by an HT-6 amp. 2 in boat and 2 on the tower. I would like to stick with that one amp but i have channels 5 and 6 open and would like to utilize them. I dont want to sound like a cheapo but i would like to add just one Rev 8 on the tower. Would one Rev 8 sound decent? I am not looking to really hear it at wakeboarding lengths just want something to fill up those channels so they are not going to waste. That would fit good bridged on those channels power wise. Or do you all think i would benefit more from an XS10FA sub. I havent heard the free air sub and am kind of nervous that it wouldnt be much of an upgrade in sound. You're help is greatly appreciated!

chpthril 10-28-2013 4:07 PM


In theory, yes, you could bridge a single 4 ohm rev-8 on those 2 open chnls. But, Those speakers are not sold as singles, so where are you panning on getting a single?
Sound wise, it will sound like arse, especiall if its only getting a mono signal.
If you only goal is some how use those chnls, then they would be going to waste if you wired up just a single HLCD.

Bridging a sub-woofer would be a FAR better use of those 2 open chnls, or even a 2nd pair of xs-650 in the boat or on the tower. My best advice, evaluate your entire system to determine what part of it is not meeting your needs and goals. Then you can see whats needed to fill that gap and that can be wired to those chnls. Personally, im a huge fan of a sub-woofer to fill in those missing notes that the in-boats wont reproduce. Even if its a 10" sub with only a couple hundred watts rms. If more output from the tower is needed, then replace the pair xs-650 with a pair of Rev-8 and bridge them on 4 chnls for 300W each. Much better use of the amp.

ksf3377 10-28-2013 4:22 PM

Thank you very much for your timely and informational response. I'll throw the single hlcd idea out and look into the wet sounds sub.

chpthril 10-28-2013 4:28 PM

If youve got room for a small enclosure, look at the Wet Sounds SS-10B 10" sub! It would be a perfect match bridged on 2 chnls of the HT-6. For a more simpler install, the XS-10fa is also a perfect match, but the boat has to be the right application for an IB sub.

ksf3377 10-29-2013 7:57 AM

There is not much room at all on the boat as it is just a 17.5' open bow. Would two icon 8's be grossly underpowered if I ran them off of the HT6 with only 110watts rms pushing them? Just trying to save a little leg room down below. I'm thinking they will be but you guys are much more knowledgable than I am and id rather keep the leg room if that was at all possible. If not, I'll have to look into fabbing up a DIY enclosure for the sub by the drivers feet.

DavidAnalog 10-29-2013 9:34 AM

No, they will not be under-powered. The larger 8-inch speaker is actually more efficient than the 6.5-inch counterpart. So it will play louder even with the same power. But the 8-inch will not be able to reach its maximum potential without additional power. That is a large distinction.

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