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ord27 10-22-2013 11:29 PM

a broken ocean
very sad


Pad1Tai 10-23-2013 7:39 AM

I been on the ocean all my life.. And know how resilient the ocean is.. Although some points may be true. This sounds like a couple of English Twerps exaggerating for an agenda.. I been to Hawaii a few dozen time and have never seen "a factory chimney" sticking out of the water... I raise the BS flag on this article.
I've fished the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Gulf. And the fishing is better than ever..

hco 10-23-2013 7:11 PM

Pad1Thai it's great that your fishing has been so awesome! I am sure you have been measuring CO2 levels, acidity, and temperatures on all the trips you took!

bjeremi 11-05-2013 7:01 AM

Geez Dan, everything is going to be okay..

Pad1Tai 11-05-2013 7:24 AM

Dan the key player in saving the world... The earth is 10 billion years old . scientist indicate that the earth has experienced 7 global warming cycles in that time.. And none from the emission from your tail pipe... Imagine that... Get your tree hugger head out of the computer and breath some fresh air b4 it's gone.. .. Maybe you can explain to us how the grand canyon was formed?... hint for idiots "a global warming cycle"...lmao...

pesos 11-05-2013 10:47 AM

Not worried about saving the world. It isn't going anywhere. Humans on the other hand...

11-05-2013 11:07 AM

^^^ HAHAHA... Is Elysium ready yet?

ttrigo 11-05-2013 3:58 PM

I dont think the fishing is better than ever is even close to being correct. Our oceans, rivers, lakes are completely overfished right now. Its crazy how many restrictions are being put on individual fisherman, and some of the commercial guys. I spoke with a fishing guide in southern oregon a couple years back. He does both river and ocean trips. He said that if you banned commercial fishing completely for 5 years, and then kept the current limits on the individuals, it would still take several years for the the fish levels to be back up to what they were 25 years ago. Sushi, and "healthy" eating has driven the fish marketbover the edge. Its crazy.

All the other stuff in that article is more than likely quite overblown.

Recycle, pick up trash when you see it, and try and keep our overall mess to a minimum. Thats all we can really control at this point.

steezyshots 11-05-2013 5:12 PM

Fukushima is really f-n things up in the pacific!

wakeboardern1 11-07-2013 8:34 AM

Riley, you and your conspiracy theories. You're crazy for believing that there is more to Fukushima than TEPCO, the Japanese government and the US government tells us.

lfadam 11-07-2013 8:54 AM

I think you guys are stretching here. This article wasn't about global warming or Fukushima...it was about the abundance of trash in the ocean largely from the tsunamis.

hco 11-08-2013 7:22 PM

Charlie if you can name any of the previous global cooling and warming periods over the earth's history off the top of your head I will continue to argue with you, but I think you're just a moron.

steezyshots 11-12-2013 12:49 PM

Nick I can't tell if you are serious or joking.. Im sure you're joking but who the hell knows on WW

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