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fly135 10-22-2013 6:31 PM

Talk about govt inefficiency...
The Pentagon has a budget of over 1/2 trillion and they can only manage to equip two brigades.


I'm sure that Fox's point is that they need more tax money. Right! :rolleyes:

10-23-2013 5:26 AM

When you've been at war constantly for the past 13 years and operating under a "use it or lose it" mentality for the last 60 years this is what you get. There is more fraud, waste, and abuse in the military as a whole than the rest of the government combined.

skiboarder 10-23-2013 6:51 AM

The war machine needs to be eased back, but I don't see it happening any time soon. We'll find another war as the current ones wind down.

1.) GOP can't afford to loose the support of defense contractors $$.
2.) Dems can't afford the drop in employment.

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