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grant_west 10-21-2013 11:16 AM

Whole House Fan Question
I have a 800 Square foot house and I wanted to install a whole house fan.

The Whole House Fan is a 30 inch belt drive 2 speed with 5700 CFM. on high

I have a few attic vents gable vents and a solar roof vent. My question is how do you know if you have enough roof vents or exhaust for the extra air the newly installed whole house fan is going to be adding to the attic?

onthecreek 10-21-2013 1:51 PM

i bought one years ago. from memory yours sounds way too big on high. recommended CFM was 2 or 3 times the sq footage.

the fan specs should show how much venting it needs in CFM. mine was something like 1 sq ft of vent per 750CFM of fan output.

grant_west 10-21-2013 5:52 PM

Its around 2200 CFM on low so that's sized correct for my square footage. But yes on High that's to much cfm

snork 10-22-2013 8:27 AM

for every sqft of house fan you'll need to, at the very lease, match that sqft in external vents

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