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ibx5050 10-20-2013 12:29 PM

wakesurf boat
What is the best type of wakesurf boat for $35,000 or under????

phathom 10-20-2013 1:45 PM

Without opening a can of worms (aka brand specific)
-One you can afford
-Preferably a V-Drive
-One with decent freeboard to allow for listing
-One with a good amount of storage to put ballast, preferably one that has internal ballast so you don't have as many sacks

nailem 10-20-2013 1:53 PM

An inboard.
Seriously use the search button. So much info here you just can't be lazy.

ibx5050 10-21-2013 9:31 AM

Cool thanks for the info

loudelectronics 11-26-2013 12:28 PM

Old thread but on a budget a Tige 24V is probably the best bang for the buck. I would put it up against my Z3 any day of the week. It makes a monster swell and very easy to weight with out any bags in the way. Get the 6.0L if you can. It just sips gas 10+ hrs to a 48g tank. This is surfing and boarding.

joeshmoe 12-01-2013 11:20 AM

You could also pick up a 2005 VLX for $35,000 good wake, good surf, just don't go for the 2004

surffresh 12-01-2013 1:50 PM

I know of a 2008 Tige 22ve that can be had close to your #

polarbill 12-01-2013 8:39 PM

Centurion Elite V C4
Centurion Avalanche
Tige 22V
Tige 24V
Sanger V230
Sanger V215
Supreme V232 or V230 or whatever it is.

Those are a few that I would consider if your budget is 35k and your main criteria is Surf Wake.

Mxguy741 12-10-2013 4:40 PM

i have a very clean 2004 MB B52 that puts out a excellent surf wake. I have it listed in the classifieds

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