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Fiveflat 10-20-2013 9:18 AM

2012 Axis A22 450


divorce sale!

Nordicron 10-20-2013 6:16 PM

Nice looking boat but holy cow are the 450hrs on a 2012 part of the reason for the divorce! :)

axxxiswake 10-21-2013 6:11 AM

Sorry to hear that bud. Thats a great price, should move quick

deltawake 10-21-2013 6:21 AM

450 hours is nothing! If it only had 100, I would want to know what was wrong with it. We have 2200 hrs on our 2007 VLX with a 340 Monsoon. Most of that time has been fully weighted with 3500 pounds of ballast. It is still going strong with no issues. That LS3 is a great motor. If you are interested in this boat, I would buy it with no worries. Then take it out and finish breaking it in.

People who freak out over 450 hours on a two year old boat just really don't understand what these motors are capable of. Do the maintenance on schedule, and enjoy your boat. Don't worry about the hours. As far as that being reason for a divorce, time spent on the water with family only builds strong family ties and creates great memories!

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