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ridemarktwain 10-17-2013 3:58 PM

Would you rather have a wakeboard or wakeboard rope to fight big foot?
Im bored.

AxisofEvil 10-18-2013 4:35 AM


Originally Posted by ridemarktwain (Post 1849615)
Im bored.

Then go board...

See what I did there?

16igordon 10-18-2013 4:59 AM

Definitely a rope.

petrie141 10-18-2013 5:10 AM


Tie it to a tree rope-swing style. Wait for the elusive one to show his face. Jump, swing, and flying sidekick that thing 3 ninjas style.

ridemarktwain 10-18-2013 5:10 AM

Oh I see it. I just winterized my boat this week. I've switched over to my other hobby, deer hunting. Anyway, I would throw the board at big foot and then do some tree weaving.


AxisofEvil 10-18-2013 5:45 AM

Looks like I just fund a new hobby to keep me busy till snowboard season!

MUNS 10-18-2013 7:30 AM

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When I was a boy growing up in my parents house, there was a farmers field and a bush right behind our house. Every night I would go to bed with my trusty night light brightening up my room so I didn't have to be so afraid of the darkness. The problem was that there was no light coming from the hallway, so when my door was wide open the hallway looked like a void of darkness. Every night I stared into this darkness in fear, thinking bigfoot was there just waiting to run into my bedroom and snatch me up and take me back into the bush.. Harry and the Hendersons was more like a horror film to a young kid.
Now being a grown man, whenever I am out in the woods by myself I start to think about bigfoot ( cause he is out there! ) and I still get a little scared. I like to think bigfoot wouldn't harm me if I did run into him, but I suppose if it was a fight he was after I would have to go with a rope!

phathom 10-19-2013 11:49 PM

A wakeboard rope and my gun. Trip him up in the wakeboard rope and shoot him until he's dead or wounded enough that I can GTFO

BamaLurker 10-25-2013 1:43 PM

I'd get the slingshot board w the Sasquatch graphic by ennen and show him his own image for the first time to woo him into a trap
Having said that; this is the most pointless thread EVER!!!

andy_nintzel 10-28-2013 2:53 PM

I would take that homie wakeboarding!

machloosy 10-29-2013 5:25 AM

Rope... Definitely a rope. Why? I'm not sure

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