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jaws 10-17-2013 10:43 AM

anyone have or use a Jabsco Porta Quick Oil Changer
i have an opportunity to pick one up for $75 bucks. only used 1 time. is it worth it? I do my own oil changes and will try this for changing my vdrive fluid. http://www.anchorexpress.com/jabsco-...FYkWMgodrSkAYg

baitkiller 10-17-2013 3:03 PM

I used one for years and my truck bed never rusted!

Beware! These things are top heavy when empty. They dont just tip over, they flip UPSIDE DOWN. If you get this one it will work fine but take this advise: Cut a five gallon bucket bottom off about 6 inches. Screw the bucket bottom to a square piece of plywood, jam the porta quick into this base. I used to keep a five pound dive weight in the thing and it helped a little.
This was back when the new vac style pumps weren't available yet and the Jabsco was all we had.

Malibumofo 10-17-2013 7:16 PM

I have one and as long as you're careful and it doesn't tip it should work perfect. Take the advise of baitkiller too. I just kept my box and left it in there.

grant_west 10-18-2013 11:24 AM

I have one and I payed like $200+ for it so that's a great deal. They are great I wish I would have bought one years ago. As far as being top heavy I dont let it get to full.so its never a problem 1 or 2 oil changes and your fine. Tip! If you use the Oil extractor the threads onto your dipsitck with hose bib threads get your self a Male hose end. That way when your done doing your oil change you screw the male end to the hose and you can prevent dripping oil

jaws 10-21-2013 8:11 AM

just used this over the weekend. i used the 5 gallon bucket with a little weight. worked perfect because the line to change my oil in my boat would not fit through the drain hole. not bad for $75. Any thoughts on using this to change the v-drive oil? thanks all

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