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ATB0713 10-16-2013 7:20 AM

Looking for a new boat advice

I'm looking for some advice from anyone who is out there. I'm 23 and have saved up a fair amount of money to buy a boat of my own. I'm looking for something around $10-$15,000. It will probably be impossible to find something without a ton of hours on it, but i'm willing to deal with it.

There are lots of options out there, however, where is a good place to start the search?? I live in Massachusetts, but that probably wont restrict my limits to travel if I can find a good deal.

BWB745 10-16-2013 6:48 PM



jamespjackson95 10-17-2013 9:48 PM

Hey man there's plenty of good deals out there just wait for that right one. It's going to be tempting to not just jump on every boat you think is a good deal. Watch Craigslist a lot with a big radius to get a good idea for the market and what boats sell for and don't sell for. It's definatly the best time of year to buy a boat for cheap. I assume your looking for an inboard wake/surf boat? There's another thread where a guy is looking at boats pretty similar in your price range. If you haven't already you should check those out. I find Craigslist to be the best to find stuff, and the easiest to negotiate the price on. However the boats often need a bit of attention. Onlyimboards IMO seems like everything is priced on the high side but every now and then a good deal pops up. The boats on there usually tend to be a lot more taken care of than the ones on Craigslist.

racer808 10-18-2013 4:54 AM

With that much down you'd have no problem getting a loan for 25k and getting into a decent boat with a pyt at 80 bucks a month or so

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