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jrich 10-14-2013 9:46 AM

Wake island nor cal peeps?
I'm flying out to Sacramento this coming Saturday and will be staying about an hour north of there for the next three weeks. It seems wake island won't be too far from me so I'm definitely planning on taking my board and gear with me. I would like to know what to expect as far as the water temps and overall temperature is this time of year. I'm from south ga so I'm pretty spoiled with warm conditions and only cold weather gear I have is a heater top. I'm assuming that won't be enough so I would like to be a little better prepared once I get there. Thanks in advance for any info you guys could share with me.

10-14-2013 10:07 AM

Was there on Saturday. Water temps are in the mid 60s. I wore a heater top. There was a mix of no suits at all to full 3/2s. They had wetsuits available to rent.

hillbilly 10-14-2013 2:06 PM

Supposed to be right around 80 for the next week air temps.
I think water temps were 66 Sat......
They are open Wed~ Sun.......

jrich 10-20-2013 1:29 AM

Just got in tonight. Having my gear shipped instead of traveling with it. Weather seems to be ok. Looking forward to some shredding Saturday! Come join.

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