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grant_west 10-09-2013 1:13 PM

Hit & Run or Karma?
If you have not see the NYC Biker Rally Vs Range Rover here is the video

Bikers claim the Ranger Rover bumped one of the bikes and so the Bikes stopped and surrounded the Range Rover and Started going to town on it. The Driver says he was in Fear of His wife and child life so he ended up running over one of the bikes and bikers,(the biker that got ran over is in pretty bad shape) This can be seen in about the 37 second part of the video. The rest of the video is the bikers chasing down the range rover.
They catch up with him in stopped traffic and break his windows and haul him out of the car and lump him up pretty good. The driver of the Range Rover has not been charged with anything.

Turns out there was a undercover cop that took part in the rally and also in beating down the Range Rover. He has been arrested and charged.

fly135 10-09-2013 1:55 PM

It appears the SUV may have hit the guy on purpose in the beginning. That is hardly definitive. Even if he did hit him on purpose the SUV driver has the right to defend himself as the bikers had no legal right to attack him. The biggest surprise is that there aren't more dead bikers. After watching that I can see how the SUV driver could have taken out more under the protection of self defense. He could have probably eliminated 3 by going back onto the highway from the exit ramp.

Some of those guys in the video should be thankful they are still in one piece.

stepintoliquid 10-10-2013 9:30 AM

Pretty insane situation. I can see arguments from both sides. Wrong place, wrong time for that Range.

fly135 10-10-2013 10:46 AM

I'm just curious as to how many of the bikers were arrested. That video was filled with evidence of crimes and moving violations. I doubt that any jury would convict the SUV driver of anything, other than possibly bumping that guy in the beginning of the video. And quite frankly even if he did it on purpose that may be hard to prove because he was surrounded by bikers who appeared to be engaging in reckless endangerment of themselves and other vehicles on the road.

fly135 10-10-2013 10:48 AM

Oh I see 6 were arrested from the 2nd link.

psudy 10-10-2013 11:14 AM

If my that happened to me with my kid in the car those bikes would have represented bowling pins.

JayManAR 10-10-2013 11:16 AM

The bikers got lucky... Lucky the driver didn't have a gun. A family man protecting his wife and baby from an obvious gang of reckless bikers who were breaking most of the traffic laws in existence. Funny though how they were acting like they are indestructible on their little bikes...a honda civic could easily take them all out in one swipe. Anyone who participates in beating a helpless man who is protecting his innocent family is a coward.

migs 10-10-2013 11:27 AM

Guy in the Rover should have just hit reverse-forward-reverse-forward-reverse on the freeway until there were no longer any bikers around to chase him down.

The initial bump to the first biker could have been due to being surrounded by so many bikers at close range that he was trying to focus on all of them when the one directly infront of him tried to slow down 2 feet infront of him causing the bump. IMO.

newty 10-10-2013 11:40 AM

In the video it appears that the bikers were creating a "rolling roadblock" then the one that got hit looks over his shoulder while slowing down to intentionally stop the driver before he got hit. I'm thinking they were going to attack that guy no matter what. Likely because he had pissed them off earlier.
If it were me and my family you can bet there would have been more than one bike run over!

fly135 10-10-2013 12:08 PM

Yeah, I was thinking that bikers would have been splattered all over the highway if that was me in the SUV, but didn't want to be the first to say it. :)

I've got about 100K miles in my lifetime on motorcycles. So it isn't like I have any animosity towards bikes. IMO the guy in the SUV should get a medal for restraining himself. Puny little Tie Fighters are no match for a Battle Cruiser. Good thing Capt Kirk wasn't at the controls. All the later Trek captains were pussies.

psudy 10-10-2013 1:31 PM


phathom 10-10-2013 3:50 PM

This is why I carry...

MBofTexas 10-10-2013 4:20 PM

^^^^ me too

tings00 10-11-2013 8:26 AM

Have you heard any updates on the condition of the car driver.

I wonder why he didnt call the cops and then just stay on the highway.

stanfield 10-11-2013 8:53 AM

Driver of the car just needed some stitches. Biker that he ran over is looking like he will lose the use of his legs due to a crushed spine.

JayManAR 10-11-2013 9:03 AM

Just needed some stitches? He got his ass beat in front of his wife and child. I'm sure stitches are the last thing on his mind. I wouldn't want my family to ever have to witness something like that and be terrified for their lives. And one extra kick or punch to this guys head could have ended his life, that's a scary thought.

Also just read where the first biker has been indicted and there are more to come.

fly135 10-11-2013 9:57 AM

That's a lot better than the outcome you would expect in Bike vs Car. Lucky biker.

stanfield 10-12-2013 1:32 AM

JayManAR, someone asked about the status of the driver and I answered, nothing more.

To throw some fuel on the fire, the biker that got hurt badly hasn't had a valid drivers license in many years due to moving violations. Isn't eligible for one until 2017 lol. You won't hear that from his scumbag celebrity attorney though.

JayManAR 10-12-2013 8:14 AM

Ya I know stanfield, stuff like this just hits a little closer to home. The point I was trying to make is that he will probably suffer a lot more emotionally/mentally than the physical side of the attack.

And wow, no license? That should be the last nail right there. Don't see how he's going to have a leg to stand on now...oh sorry, too soon?

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