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beleza 10-09-2013 8:44 AM

LF BOB or Harley Board?
I've been riding the Watson Hybrid 139 for the past couple seasons and have loved it but just looking to switch it up a bit. I ride 100% behind the boat (SAN 210) and have narrowed down to the harley 139 or BOB 141. Anybody ridden both or give me any opinions? Not much info out there about the BOB so I'm a bit hesitant especially since they don't have the size I usually ride. I'm sure going from a 139 to a 141 won't hurt me.

beleza 10-09-2013 8:48 AM

Also, I broke my lower leg and dislocated ankle a couple years ago so the softer the landings the better... riding behind a 210, I'm in the flats quite a bit cuz the wake is narrow

davedidonato90 10-09-2013 9:03 AM

I owned a harley 143 and a 139. Harley was dope, good pop and a consistent edge. Fins arent too deep so you can slid but dig in when you cut for the wake. IMO the 2014 harley board looks like a girls board. The way bob rides and his board looks it would probably be great, he goes into the flats all the time!

ryanw209 10-09-2013 9:55 AM

If I were you I wouldn't switch. I've owned all 3 boards and I prefer the Watson hybrid. The landings will be the softest on your Watson being that it's a hybrid core. I think the Harley rides similar to the Watson but just a tad faster since it sits higher in the water. The BOB is a fun board but I found the landings to be harder on it than the Watson Hybrid. Hope that helps you.

beleza 10-09-2013 4:06 PM

David: Yeah the 2014 LF boards are hideous. I'm getting a closeout 2013. Just ordered the 2013 watson ltd boots.

Ryan: Good info man. I have definitely loved my watson hybrid and will keep it around in case I'm not digging my new board. For some reason I just want to try a new shape. I think I will give the harley a whirl and if I don't like it Then I can always revert back to the watson hybrid.

dezul 10-09-2013 4:12 PM

I switched from the 2012 Harley to the 2012 Shane Hybrid. I think the Harley had slightly softer landing due to the double concave bottom. If you are looking for soft landings, try one of the slingshots and see how you like it.

d_h_wake 10-10-2013 5:50 AM

If you want a sick board, I tried the Harley for a few sets. I ended up going with the B.O.B... Best choice I have ever made, I couldn't seem to get used to the Harley, it depends who you are and what your riding style is.

The B.O.B. Has endless amount of pop, it is ridiculous and holds such a good edge. It breaks open whenever you need, and landings are soft cause its a 5 stage rocker and doesn't loose any speed on landing.

Hope this helps.

d_h_wake 10-10-2013 6:01 AM

Its just that everyone has their own board opinion, and some opinions are a little bias because of the board they currently ride. I am not going to lie, I do ride the B.O.B. but I have had the chance to test out both, before I got one. As for as I consider, for my first ride I really loved the B.O.B... I guess my biggest suggestion, is get in contact with Performance Ski & Surf. They have tons of employees who know their gear the best, or even email LF and discuss your riding style and they sure help suggest the right board for you... That is what I did after I tested them to.

Just adding on to what I said earlier.

fly135 10-10-2013 7:30 AM

After attending the LF Free for All a while back I came away with the BOB as my favorite. My reluctance to spend $500 on a board was the only thing that stood between me and the BOB.

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