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Bumpass1 10-09-2013 6:45 AM

Tige My Wake Challenge
Am I the only one that noticed that the the Mens Final podium are all Tige riders? I see the black helicopters flying.

cwb4me 10-09-2013 5:33 PM

Austin Hair wasn't a Tige rider. Maybe the other manufactures told their guys not to compete. Or maybe since it's not a points event for a title they figured it wasn't worth the risk. I didn't see many other teams pro's even entered like last year.

Ttime41 10-09-2013 5:46 PM

judging by the people who submitted a video, Harley, Dowdy, Rusty, and phil all should have been there. I'm not sure if they all actually ended up going though

chpthril 10-09-2013 6:20 PM



spencerwm 10-10-2013 9:41 AM

I wonder if Tige' just reduced the prize money which would eliminate any of those big names from wanting to attend. The entire team would all ready be there so it would work out. Who knows.

boardman74 10-10-2013 12:49 PM

Someone posted somewhere else on here that there was only 1 non Tige team rider that even entered. So none of the big names listed above even showed. Not sure why. I don't really follow the pro events much though.

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