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alcarlaw1 10-09-2013 7:38 AM

Ideas needed for updating the Graphics on my 2000 Xstar
Having recently purchased a 2000 X-Star, I am going through the process of repairing/tidying/updating the boat. I've sorted all the mechanical gremlins, added perfect pass, ballast, heater, sound system so now looking towards the aesthetics.

I'm looking for ideas on the side graphics on the boat. I don't really care for the Oval in the gel so ideally want to hide this when the new graphics are added.

So far I've changed the stern graphics which were all torn up and scratched from this

to this

I've got replacement Silver Mastercraft logos to replace the white ones on the sides (first pic) and tie in with the silver lettering on the stern however a bit stuck as to what to do with replacing the X-Star logo

All replacement graphics will be custom cut vinyl, so I need to work with one or two colours, possibly three but I dont want to overlay too many layers of vinyl. All that means I need to keep the design fairly basic.

So open to ideas and if anybody is creative with photoshop that would be ideal!!!!

bcrider 10-09-2013 11:48 AM

I've always been a fan of no decals. Cleaner looking and FYI, although Mastercraft did pull for XGames wakeboarding hasn't been included in XGames for quite sometime now so the rear decals are still out of date. I would have just simply put mastercraft on the back or nothing at all.

wakereviews 10-09-2013 11:59 AM

I'd opt for an updated tower first if it was me. Remove the decals and update the tower and it will look like a new boat.

alcarlaw1 10-09-2013 12:16 PM

Because there is an oval on the gelcoat line, simply removing the X-Star logo would look wrong.

Nothing mechanically wrong with the tower, so no need to replace it.

Reez 10-09-2013 1:21 PM

Flames and skulls !

alcarlaw1 10-09-2013 2:27 PM

er, no! :)

xstarrider 10-09-2013 2:40 PM

The in the gelcoat oval is killer. I have not yet seen anything that can replace the factory graphic and still look good. Why not work on tweaking the factory one into something new. I really think a full wrap is the only option to upgrade.

I personally love the classic look

This is a wrap I been tossing around in the red and white for me.

phillywakeboarder 10-09-2013 3:16 PM

Don't touch the tower! It's solid as a rock! My star's been without decals all season, and I agree that it looks funny with the bare oval. I'm interested to see what you decide to do. Just FYI, the original side decals (and all the other ones, for that matter) pop up on ebay from time to time. I actually have a set but I haven't gotten around to putting them on yet. Good luck man!

10-09-2013 4:02 PM

if that oval is gelled in, remove the vinyl and replace with a more modern "X" that fits neatly inside the oval. even add "STAR" if you want. basically just modernizing the current 90's graphic. The key is working with that oval. Also, you'll need vector graphics so no photoshop. More like illustrator.

10-09-2013 4:08 PM

take a picture of the side of the boat, dead center. import the picture in illustrator, trace over the gel lines and you will have your template. then crack a beer and draw stuff inside the lines.

alcarlaw1 10-10-2013 3:31 PM

an option I am toying around with is to use the Star Wars type set. So Big X to take up the oval and the Star in the Star Wars type. Photoshop
time me thinks...

xstarrider 10-10-2013 9:43 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Not the best angle but similar thought. Big X with star written

Attachment 32295

jordanleininger21 10-10-2013 10:14 PM

thats a saced out star right there haha^

alcarlaw1 10-11-2013 2:10 PM

forget about the colours and shading, what are the thoughts on this..


jamespjackson95 10-11-2013 5:43 PM

Looks like the Xbox logo with Star Wars font over it. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of it, but it's your boat if you like it definatly go with it. I. Like the way the boat looks without the graphics best.

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