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markj 10-08-2013 10:34 PM

Need audio advice for a Ram crew cab
Just bought a 2014 Ram crew cab and want to put bass in it. Looking for a good sub box, amp and subs under the rear seat. There's a company called Fox acoustics that makes a ported box which fits under the rear seat for two 12" subs and they recommend Alpine Type R 12" subs and say they should have 650 RMS each to them. That's all I've heard. Can anyone point me the right way or have a better option?

CHern5972 10-09-2013 4:53 AM

Id opt for JL W3 under the seat myself. Thats just my opinion. I think the JL has a better sound. After the purchase of these 2 Type R 12's, I personally like the JL stuff better. I know this probably does not help but, Id look into some JL stuff.
The type R subs do like power. I have 2 type R 12's in my boat and they would sound allot better in a vehicle for sure. Im just not impressed with Type R

wake26 10-09-2013 6:47 AM

I went with the fox box but I would go with 2 10's instead of 12's. Most everthing that I read when I bought mine is there is just not enough air space to make 12's sound good. I am very impressed with the Fox box I have some cheap rockford P1's and it sounds great. ladies love to ride in the back seat :D

bass10after 10-09-2013 9:02 AM


Originally Posted by markj (Post 1848500)
Just bought a 2014 Ram crew cab and want to put bass in it. Looking for a good sub box, amp and subs under the rear seat. There's a company called Fox acoustics that makes a ported box which fits under the rear seat for two 12" subs and they recommend Alpine Type R 12" subs and say they should have 650 RMS each to them. That's all I've heard. Can anyone point me the right way or have a better option?

not a fan of alpine subs, but i have two w3's getting 500w rms each in my boat and i'm not too impressed by them either. On the other hand i just put two sundown sa10's in my buddies 05 crew cab cummins ram and am really impressed by those little fellers.

DavidAnalog 10-09-2013 10:06 AM

Typically two sealed 12"s require a box with 1.25 cu.ft. net internal. A ported box needs much more, in fact, at least 40% more space. If you have that much available enclosure space then the larger woofer choice is best. No question. But if you are squeezing in too large of a woofer(s) and compromising the optimum enclosure size then the smaller woofer(s) will sound infinitely superior.
Here's an analogy. A subwoofer and enclosure combination makes up a precisely tuned circuit. At least that is the intention. So do the correctly tuned six strings of a guitar. Smaller to larger, High E, B, G, D, A, and Low E. If you broke a #4 G string you could replace it with any of the others strings and bring it into tune by tightening or lossening it. It will hit the correct note but will never sound natural. It's the same with a subwoofer. Don't force the fit. Pay close attention to the box internal volume and what is optimum for that particular woofer.

markj 10-09-2013 10:20 PM

Well what I found out is the fox box uses ABS plastic/MDF to form to the contours of the rear seat storage areas and they claim it gives 1.55 cubic feet for each side. I'm nervous about an ABS enclosure. Dont want any rattling. This has to last. There's also another maker (Net Audio) from Texas who makes a fiberglass/MDF enclosure rather than ABS. Their box only goes up to 1 cubic foot per side. I don't know what to pick. I need enclosure, subwoofer and amp advice for this truck. I want to keep the rest of the stereo stock. Just looking for some rockin bass. Whether public or private PM, I need advice soon since I want to order ASAP.

wake26 10-10-2013 6:41 AM

I have not had any problems with my fox box rattling they are very well made.Do a serch on the cummins forum a lot of people have them. I have an 08 dodge and if your truck is like mine it is not that easy to get the stock radio and speakers to intergrate with after market stuff. Either you have to buy a lot of adaptors to make everthing work or bypass everything. But again they might have changed stuff in the newer trucks.

DavidAnalog 10-10-2013 7:28 AM

I would be less concerned with the material, whether fiberglass or ABS, and more concerned with the material thickness and how the seams are formed. I can't imagine they can heat form ABS that is thick enough. I also feel better about fiberglass bonding to MDF.
You have two enclosure concerns related to matching up to a woofer for SQ. The larger woofer will always give you more peak output, BUT, often with less deep bass extension and a more erratic response curve when placed in an undersized enclosure.
First, you want the ideal enclosure displacement in order to get a 'Qtc' (system 'Q') in the area of 0.8 to 0.85. For example, that's going to be .625 cu.ft. net for a JL Audio 10W3, which is about .675 cu. ft. gross internal. The shallow Net Audio box is .8 cu.ft. per side gross. The builder can add internal bracing (especially top to bottom) to correct for this.
The taller box will be too small for the more efficient 12-inch subs and require that you raise the rear seat(s).
Second, in an ideal scenario you would want 2.625" of clearance for a 10-inch driver between the peak of the surround under excursion and the surface under the back seat. A 12-inch sub requires 3.125" of clearance. You don't want to reduce the radiating surface area of your woofer if this is avoidable. Again, the tight dimensions favor the 10-inch.
A 1000 watt total Class D amplifier will drive two JL Audio 10W3s perfectly. You can select the woofer voice coil value to match up with the optimum amplifier load.

markj 10-10-2013 10:07 PM

Well the whole thing is put on hold for awhile. Stand by for a new thread. Hard to believe what happened today. Just wait until I get the pics posted... Oh man......

markj 10-14-2013 10:53 PM

That was ugly lasty week but, back on track now with a new truck being built. So David, lets just say I'm goin with the Net Audio box and let's say I'm planning on 2 10" JL 10W3's. My question now is do I opt for the short box which has a gross airspace of .8 cu ft per side or the tall box which has 1.0 cu ft per side? This is assuming I'm using a 1000w RMS amp for both subs of course. JL's website says .625 for a 10" right? Is there a benefit to having that additional airspace? Their website also says that their 12" requires 1.25 cu ft which the Net Audio box can't deliver so does that mean I'll have diminishing returns trying to squeeze 2 12"s in there? On it's face, it seems like there's no way anyone should ever do 12's in my truck even though I hear a lot of people doing it. Please advise. Thanks

DavidAnalog 10-15-2013 8:01 AM

The 0.8 and the 1.0 box displacements are gross rather than net. The JL Audio subs are giving you net specs after the driver mass is deducted. So a .625 is more like a 6.75 which is very close to the 0.8 cu.ft. which can be reduced with a couple of small internal top to bottom braces.
As described above, a woofer with more surface area loaded in an undersized enclosure gives you more output but only over a narrower bandwidth which results in a less linear frequency response. So this becomes a very simple decision. Peak bass output versus bass accuracy.
You can undersize or oversize the enclosure beyond what is an ideally tuned acoustic circuit. A larger box (too large) provides more deep extension, less transients and attack, and less power handling (deep but dead). A smaller box (too small) provides less deep extension and a hump in the output of the upper bass (live but peaky). A properly tuned box/woofer is an exercise in balance and musicality. Some of this can depend on the type of music you listen to. Inaccuracies tend to show up with string bass instuments for example, or the distinctive qualities between different instruments such as percussive bass drum and a string bass guitar. If it's Hip Hop, Rap, or Techno, then most of that bass is generated by synthesis with very little tonal construction. In that case, the subwoofer accuracy is a little less important.
Either way in the small dimensions of a truck cabin, correctly powered good 10s or 12s should be dominant.

markj 10-18-2013 8:45 AM

I just got a great deal on an all fiberglass enclosure. It was made by a company called Bassforms. It's super thick and heavy. Very well built. There's 1.79 cubic feet of air space total in the box and no partition between the sides. It'll fit type R and W3s. Reading the requirements for both subs say that the W3 doesn't have enough air space and the type R is near ideal for that box. The only caveat with the type R is how power hungry it is and finding room under the driver's seat for an amp. I'd like to know about other options and opinions.

dp513 10-25-2013 3:26 PM

check out foxacoustics.com the fox box is sick. Just put one in my 06 ram crew cab. i have 2 jl12w6 in mine. sound INSANE. took them straight outta the boat im selling and put em in my truck! Love em!!!!

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