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greg_smith 10-08-2013 7:27 PM

X-Star won't start, and perfect pass dash won't display anything. What could this be?
So I was out for a wakesurf today. My buddy was driving and when he took off, the perfect pass normally kicks in and sets my speed for about 11mph. However, this time I noticed he was going well over 11mph. At first I thought he forgot to turn on the perfect pass, but he basically yelled back to me stating that the Perfect Pass had shut itself off. So I basically told him to cut the throttle. I got in the boat, and he had already turned the boat off. At that point, we weren't able to start the boat again. And nothing on the dash was working, and the perfect pass dash wasn't displaying anything. I thought at first that maybe the battery was dead, but all the pumps and lights in the boat were working perfectly fine. So we basically drifted to shore and got someone to give us a pull back to my dock. The problem remains! It still won't start.

Anyone have any idea what this could be? Maybe something electrical? There was a little bit of water in the bottom of the boat today because of unrelated things I was trying to fix in the boat. Could that have shorted something out?

Jmaxymek 10-08-2013 8:30 PM

In no way am I qualified to provide input beyond the basics, but I know I've spent my fair share of times checking battery connections and stuff before realizing my safety lanyard wasn't connected completely. That would be my first thought because you said you dash isn't responding at all which is immediately symptomatic of the killswitch.

durty_curt 10-08-2013 9:04 PM

^^^^^ what he said, that's my first guess. ^^^^

snork 10-09-2013 7:55 AM

^^^^^ Would be my guess as well

greg_smith 10-09-2013 12:08 PM

I actually checked the killswitch and it looked to be fine. I even took the clip off the killswitch and put it back on. Still no results.

I talked to a mechanic today. He said he thought it was battery related, even though the pumps were still working. I'm going to try to jump the batttery tomorrow morning to see if this does anything.

Any other ideas are appreciated!

snork 10-09-2013 1:25 PM

your Safety Lanyard could have gone bad, to check it remove the switch from the panel and bypass it
after keying the switch on first thing you should hear is the fuel pump priming

greg_smith 10-09-2013 6:44 PM

Ok, so I've read the responses on here, and I've done a bit of research on the internet on how killswitches work... cause I really don't know anything about them. However, something I should have mentioned was that when there was a little water in the bottom of the boat, one of the belts was splashing the water upwards. I really don't know how the wiring of the killswitch connects to the motor, but I feel like somehow the water splashing upwards and disconnected something, or shorted something out, with the killswitch. I could be completely wrong. But yeah, I feel like you guys are more on the right track with the killswitch idea than the battery.

Anybody know whether water splashing upwards would do anything? Or how that could be fixed (if this is the cause of the problem). Also, would this maybe be a problem with the iginition switch? Could the water cause the same problem with an ignition switch?

Jmaxymek 10-09-2013 9:10 PM

Sounds like there was quite a lot of water in the engine compartment.. Was bilge not working properly? Unless everything was soaked, I don't see why a little water would have caused nothing to be working. I'd say pull battery cables and make sure everything goes back down tight, and go from there. Do you have a voltage meter handy? I would check to see that you're even getting power up front, then work your way back. Could just be that your killswitch assembly happened to go coincidentally at the same time as your water and repairs (?)... Also, what were you working on? Perhaps something just got knocked loose, in which case I refer back to tracing it with a volt meter.

greg_smith 10-10-2013 12:47 PM

Well... think I figured it out this morning! Looks like you guys were right!

I went down and basically took the clip off the killswitch. I took my finger and just pushed the killswitch button like 8-10 times and then re-attached the clip. At this point, the boat fired right up and the perfect pass came back to life.... just like nothing had ever happened. I called the mechanic and told him this. He basically said to replace the killswitch to be on the safe side. I guess the water splashing around under the engine was just a coincidence (like Jordan said).

Anyways, that's the 2nd problem wakeworld forums has helped me fixed within the last couple of weeks. Really appreciate it!

Jmaxymek 10-10-2013 7:20 PM

Glad we could help and that you got it all sorted out!

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