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brichter14 10-06-2013 7:08 PM

Bought some wetsounds, questions on power config
Ok so in my boat right now i have an alpine 12" type s dvc sub in the boat hooked up to a polk 5000.5 amp. The amp at 4 ohm is rated at 200w x 2 on the other four channels not used by the sub.

Anyways i just bought two ws pro80s and a pro 485 ( three some). I realize im gonna need another amp but my question is do i send the 2x 200 watts rms to the pro80s and get anoter amp solely for the 485 or should i bridge the remaining four channels on the polk amp to power the 485?

What amp should i get for what i need? I need the best bang for my buck because i will probably need a second battery and all that comes with two amps.

brichter14 10-06-2013 7:16 PM

Or maybe use the polk 5 channel 2x200 for the pro 80s and the 5th channel to the pro 485 and get a cheaper amp for the sub?

Power Specs 100W x 4, 400W x 1 RMS @ 2 ohms; 70W x 4, 200W x 1 RMS @ 4 ohms; 200W x 2 RMS bridged @ 4 ohms; 500W x 1 RMS @ 1 ohm (sub)

Thats for the polk amp

DavidAnalog 10-07-2013 6:52 AM

The 5th channel is lowpass only so that is limited to a subwoofer application. You will need a second amplifier. The 485 is not a stereo product so you cannot apply the remaining four channels to the single 485. Two bridged channels of the amplifier is not nearly enough power for the 485. The 4-ohm 485 should receive power that is equal to the collective power that is dedicated to the 80s. So in other words, if each 80 is receiving 200 watts, the 485 should receive 400+ watts.
You have not mentioned how you will power the inboat coaxials. Internal HU power won't get it done on the inboat coaxials once you have an externally powered subwoofer. HU power is realistically no more than 4 X 15 watts on the same basis that external amplifiers are rated on. So the HU will fall flat on its face trying to keep pace with the sub.

brichter14 10-07-2013 9:07 AM

I have the HU powering the inboat coax's now and they sound fine with a powered sub. So i should find an amp for the 485 that gives 400 watts rms at 4 ohm. Can j get a monoblock amp for that application?

brichter14 10-07-2013 9:53 AM

Would the polk d2000.2 work well to power the one 485?

Watts per channel NOT bridged @ 1 kHz
4 ohms 125 watts
2 ohms 250 watts
Watts per channel bridged
4 ohms 500 watts

brichter14 10-08-2013 4:04 AM

Should i pull te trigger on the d2000.2 amp? Will its bridged power work well for the 485?

chpthril 10-08-2013 4:52 AM


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