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hockeyruss 08-27-2003 6:37 AM

It all started with the LSV which Malibu has used for years. Now the new boat is called XLV, which is dislexic for VLX. Not dissing their boats at all, I have always been a fan of stadium seating, and the new put your cooler here thing is an excellent idea. Just come up with some original names....................

supraman 08-27-2003 7:35 AM

Skier's Choice systematically has used the "V" designation for a long time to signify a V drive (logical). Supra SSV is the V-drive version of the SunSport. The Moomba Mobius V is the V-drive version of the Mobius. In the case of the XLV, you're talking about an <i>extra large</i> 24-foot V-drive boat. Get it? XLV? To me, it seems a tad ego-centric to assume that has to involve imitating Malibu. But then again, I'm not dyslexic either....

turk_kildare 08-27-2003 8:29 AM

It makes sense to me! I am sure it gets extremely difficult to keep coming up with model designations that are not similiar to another companies designation. However, I don't think Skier's Choice was really worrying about that! I just think they had a new model and used its features to come up with the XLV. Nothing more on nothing less! The new XLV looks really sharp!

jeffr 08-27-2003 9:08 AM

They could have called it... <BR>The Gravity Games Editions Super Mob XLV Star. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>Hey make the name bigger and you can sticker all 23 feet of that thing. <BR> <BR>

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