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alcarlaw1 10-01-2013 7:05 AM

Best place to park your boat
Not too bad I suppose


Iceberg 10-01-2013 7:25 AM


That puts boat ownership on a whole other level. The owners probably fly in on the private jet every few weeks or so. The crew probably use it more.

alcarlaw1 10-01-2013 7:42 AM

One week with family, the other week with the mistress probably

JamesHawk101 10-01-2013 6:30 PM

Holy crap. Where was this?

v10rider 10-01-2013 7:46 PM

This one is still one of most impressive clip I've seen


markj 10-01-2013 11:01 PM

G23 on a yacht.... Not too shabby.

CHern5972 10-02-2013 5:23 AM

Straight Baller Status

jonblarc7 10-02-2013 8:28 AM

It took me forever to see it up there. That is one big ship!!!!!!

ToPHeR35 10-02-2013 1:25 PM

Is this real life?

phathom 10-02-2013 2:38 PM

That video is sick. Who would think that the wakesurfing would be the least cool part of a wakesurfing video.

Iceberg 10-02-2013 4:04 PM

The yacht beside it has the lower garage/boat house. I wonder if that is the Nautique's garage?

srock 10-07-2013 10:51 AM

With that type of money I could pay someone to train and ride for me as well

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